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  1. MrSith


    thanks, i will try it is just to much red
  2. MrSith

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    when it is ready i want to start a topic about my journey of brickling the shuttle, but I think, like Redbird said, it will be around €500.
  3. MrSith

    REVAMP - K-2SO

    i like it!...this is much beter, those front arms were indeed too thin.
  4. MrSith


    I couldn't wait till the brick built R2-D2 came out or if I ever have the chance to get one. So I used the instructions to make a R4-P17 copy with the astromech head from the UCS Jedi Starfighter. I love the design off that little R2-D2! I just don't like the vertical grill up front, i have to change that...any suggestions? a dark red tile is to simple, i think... Thanks for watching!
  5. MrSith

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    everything works fine....nice mods!! damn....bricklinking 3 amazing UCS-models...i'm bricklinking the shuttle at this moment and i find this one already hard to get it together.
  6. MrSith

    1929 hot rod roadster

    Hello, This is my first topic and i want to share my little roadster with you. The '29 roadster sits on a '32 frame and is equipped with a flathead V8, a single stromberg 97 carburator, cyclone heads, a Duval- windscreen and a nerf bar under the '32 grill. It has the original factory paint on the body. It can be fitted with these other engines: - one 4 banger equipped with the stock head a single winfield manifold and a winfield carburator. - one 4 banger equipped with the stock head a dual riley manifold and 2 stromberg 81 carburators, each fitted with a gold air cleaner. - another flathead V8, equipped with a dual manifold and 2 stromberg 97 carburators and edelbrock heads. - one small block chevy equipped with offenhauser heads, a dual manifold and 2 stromberg 97 carburators, each fitted with a gold air scoop. - one small block chevy equipped with edelbrock heads, a dual manifold fitted with 4 stromberg 97 carburators. The car is simple but the engines were really fun to make, trying to get some details in the builds with the grill pieces, the alternators on the 2 flatheads and the carb setups. Thanks for watching, Danny PS: the building in the back is a Dudok (a Dutch architect) Esso Station from the early/mid 50s and it is not in minifig scale (1/87 scale)
  7. MrSith

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    I've only extended the orignal set...but this looks so much beter. Nice!
  8. I bought 2 Imperial trooper battle packs and Luke's landspeeder (recieved an Rebel A-Wing pilot), got me a first order general (polybag) and bought me a cheap Hovertank with just 1 pilot...this wil be a nice base for some modifications.
  9. Hello, My name is Danny, build in 1977 and i live in Belgium. I've been lurking for some years now on Eurobricks, mostly in the Star Wars and Sci-Fi sections, and everyday I check the frontpage for news. When I was young I loved playing with Lego, it stopped when I grew up. Three years ago I rediscovered Lego when I bought toys for my son. And in 2014 I bougth my first set, the Imperial Star Destroyer (75055), since then I'm collecting Star Wars, classic space sets, some of the architecture sets and Lego Idea's sets. I have a soft spot for the old garage sets from the 50s -60s, I'm collecting those old garage parts and building replica's and moc's with them. Groeten, Danny