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  1. Really curious why everyone is so negative in this thread?  I've been lurking on Eurobricks for years for interesting ideas and for really turns me away when the thread turns to personal insults and away from discussion and news.....and yes, I'm trying to get to 10 posts so I can private message

  2. I've followed this contest for several years looking for ideas & techniques to spark my imagination to expand my own winter village. Since I was a little girl I had wanted a winter village display like my Great Uncle Len used to put out each year.  Finally, in 2009 Lego provided the perfect avenue for the start of my very own winter village.  A tradition stated with my son and I building those first buildings together and continued now by expanding the village to represent our most treasured holiday and family memories.

    My entry for the contest was built a couple of years ago to represent a butcher shop I have visited on annual Black Friday shopping trips north of the border to Oakville/Toronto Canada with my parents.  Each year we would skip the madness in the States and head north to hit a couple of traditional malls in greater Toronto and then visit the village of Oakville.  Immediately upon arrival my father would make a beeline to the butcher shop on the corner of Lakeshore Drive to get a freshly grilled sausage from the vendor right outside the butcher shop where windows displayed fresh meat & seafood.  We visited this shop again in November 2016 and sure enough my father grabbed one of those wonderful smelling sausages while my mother and I hit a couple of bakeries and other shops.

    I had never considered entering any contests or posting here because I am just amazed at the creative and detailed builds that are posted but decided to enter this particular building this year in tribute to my dad who passed away shortly after we made that visit in November 2016.