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  1. Using a 9v battery box

    It's now possible to buy rechargeable (with a microUSB) 800mAH lithium batteries for the old 9V 'light and sound' battery boxes. Should keep the battery costs under control but haven't yet measured battery longevity in real life.
  2. GECX 2010 ES44DC

    That's a fine ES44. I gave up HO-scale modelling to go L-gauge (more compatible with small grandchildren) so I'm inspired to see modern-era GE and EMD diesels rendered so beautifully. Thank You.

    Hi I got my first lego set at the age of 5 in 1960. I have recently been modelling Union Pacific in HO (not lego, but expensive digital stuff with sounf) but with a clutch of grandchildren arriving I'm looking for something more accessible to share with them so the HO stuff is on ebay and I'm back to lego which survives contact with children under 11. So I have an Sbrick and I'm looking at Bluerail. ME Models and a guy in Poland - - are making less toylike track and there are lots of designs for recognisable Union Pacific prototypes in 6-wide and upwards so the future looks bright and all my prototype data still has value. Anyone else out there wanting to run prototypical operations using Lego rolling stock and track?