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  1. I am a convert from HO DCC model railroading and I told the FX Bricks team that I was disappointed that the FX brick was so limited in its capabilities compared with DCC, and the android app is awful. I think they were a bit offended but here we are with the promise of DCC-compatible loco functions, I am so glad I still have all my DCC controllers and software. Happy Days!
  2. Hi barduk, there are lots more liveries to choose from - Union Pacific did a whole series of Heritage Liveries - I used to own the set in HO once upon a time. Google "Union Pacific ES44 heritage liveries". The Southern Pacific is awesome and would be a worthy challenge for your talents
  3. Final parts for the UP version arrived today, build starts at the weekend - 2 motors and PFx brick with sound and lights.Very excited - my first loco build and what a monster she'll be!
  4. netlife

    [MOC] Alco HH1000 Switcher

    I also got an empty file. I think I will build this with the new powered-up system - no IR receiver to spoil the cab. I should get a nameplate printed too - "Commander Wolf" is the name I have in mind.
  5. HI, I wonder if anyone has some experience with using buwizz with Lego trains? I am attracted by the small form factor and the opportunity to design profiles, but over 120 Euros is a lot to risk without asking advice here ...
  6. Wow! I'm inspired! I bought two complete locomotive/tender packs and was starting to a plan a model that is more faithful to the actual dimensions of the original Olton Hall loco, and you have done a superb job, incidentally solving the problem of a proper 6-wheel tender to negotiate R40 curves. I'm in awe. Would you be willing to share your design files?
  7. I'm in, really hope this project gets funded.
  8. netlife

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    Nice. matches my North American Modern Image tastes. Website worked perfectly, have my first two downloads in hand and look forward to arrival of decals. Well Done!
  9. Inspirational! Still waiting for my PFX stuff to arrive, very envious.
  10. netlife

    Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    @coaster I really hope you go ahead, I have been looking at Kadee O-scale so I could remotely couple/uncouple and run a a railyard, but if you're serious then I'll be pleased to buy dozens.
  11. netlife

    New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    I looked at the BR80 instructions and they are superb. Pre-ordered the book at amazon UK, looking forward to October 12th.
  12. netlife

    Using a 9v battery box

    It's now possible to buy rechargeable (with a microUSB) 800mAH lithium batteries for the old 9V 'light and sound' battery boxes. Should keep the battery costs under control but haven't yet measured battery longevity in real life.
  13. netlife

    GECX 2010 ES44DC

    That's a fine ES44. I gave up HO-scale modelling to go L-gauge (more compatible with small grandchildren) so I'm inspired to see modern-era GE and EMD diesels rendered so beautifully. Thank You.
  14. netlife


    Hi I got my first lego set at the age of 5 in 1960. I have recently been modelling Union Pacific in HO (not lego, but expensive digital stuff with sounf) but with a clutch of grandchildren arriving I'm looking for something more accessible to share with them so the HO stuff is on ebay and I'm back to lego which survives contact with children under 11. So I have an Sbrick and I'm looking at Bluerail. ME Models and a guy in Poland - - are making less toylike track and there are lots of designs for recognisable Union Pacific prototypes in 6-wide and upwards so the future looks bright and all my prototype data still has value. Anyone else out there wanting to run prototypical operations using Lego rolling stock and track?