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  1. The Spark That Bled

    LEGO Calendar Idea Sharing

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Yatkuu, it is equally funny that I never thought to do anything with the minifigures to help indicate the day. This is the first customization I've really done of it. My mind is already working on November. I don't think it will be as easy as October. There are a lot of monster minifgures. And darkdragon, I agree it's a little crowded on top. Couldn't stand leaving anyone out.
  2. The Spark That Bled

    LEGO Calendar Idea Sharing

    I love the Lego calendar set that came out this summer more as an inspiration than how it came out of the box. darkdragon showed us an extreme of how awesome it can become with a big update, but I thought it might be nice to have a thread where people can share the little ways that they have updated the Lego calendar either to reflect the season or just for variety. I bought two of them because I keep one at home and I take one to my classroom (my students love it and I have become the cool teacher with most of my boys because of it). I love Halloween so I gave them both a Monster Squad minifigure theme for October. This is the more elaborate version featuring lots of minifigures, creepy crawlies and glow-in-the-dark bricks. This is the version I'm taking to my classroom. It has a few less parts that might walk off but still has some monsters and more fall-inspired color scheme. I invite anyone to share what they have done with the calendar because I am really more interested in hearing about and seeing what others have done as I am in sharing my own work.
  3. The Spark That Bled

    MOC Huge Lion Knights Castle

    That's a lot of castle. I really like the throne room and the big turret that sticks up. Lots of nice details throughout. :)
  4. The Spark That Bled

    MOC: modular police station

    That's really nice, especially the interior. As lightningtiger said, the vending machine is excellent. I also like the different types of window arrangements on the backside. There's a lot of variety but still balance from floor to floor.
  5. The Spark That Bled

    LEGO Perot Museum of Science and Nature

    That's amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog entry about it as well.
  6. The Spark That Bled


    That's amazing. I think the use of the underside of the plate comes off very natural and intentional rather than awkward. I love the smoke billows coming out of the building.
  7. The Spark That Bled

    Another Hogwarts?

    I like the idea of Hogwarts additions. They're like the Lego equivalent of an expansion pack. I'd like to see more classrooms and more detailed dormitories. I would love it if they would release a Hogsmeade set though and would certainly love to see an addition to the Diagon Alley set. I'd actually like to see Privet Drive and the Dursleys turned into sets as well.
  8. The Spark That Bled

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    I loved this contest. It was fun to come up with unique minifigures and it was fun to problem solve showing them all off. The entries I'd like to vote for are: 7 - Laboratory of Time by shmails 11 - The Minifigure Museum by Rolli 14 - Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 by Oky Wan Kenobi
  9. The Spark That Bled

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    I really enjoyed a lot of the entries and wish I had more points to award but my favorites were: 20) Artist entry by lisqr (1 point) 21) Mad Scientist entry by Darkblane (1 point) 33) Mad Scientist entry by Skafte (1 point)
  10. The Spark That Bled

    MOC Buildings

    I second using Creator sets to build your collection. They are the basis of what I use for my MOCs. (I can't bear to take my modular buildings apart and I can't afford multiples or they would be a good source of pieces.) I also think they are good for building a repertoire of simple building techniques because they have multiple instructions to try out. I use my old building manuals for reference a lot for one reason or another when making MOCs. As far as base plates, it really depends what you're trying to make. I'm fairly new to attempting good MOCs so I usually don't work on anything bigger than the 16x32 stud plates. And I think it's best to build whatever you are inspired to build. I keep a little notebook of ideas of what I want to build and what I realistically think I can build with my limited brick collection and skills. I usually start with a small idea and it grows as I work on it and get into my brick collection. Good luck and have fun.
  11. The Spark That Bled

    Ambush at the Mausoleum (MOC)

    I love your creation. It's very detailed. And the humor of your descriptions was nice too. I really liked all the detail of the different tombstones. P.S. You have an awesome username. I love all thinks Vonnegut.
  12. The Spark That Bled

    CC Super Modular: Downtown Metro

    I love the details on the bottom building. I thought it looked nice and then I saw the picture of how it fit with the Green Grocer and Emporium, then I just thought, "Wow." Amazing job.
  13. The Spark That Bled

    REVIEW: 4867 Hogwarts

    Thanks for reviewing this and showing it next to the other Hogwarts set. It's like a Lego expansion pack.
  14. The Spark That Bled

    REVIEW: 853195 Brick Calendar

    I need a couple of these. I wonder if they'll show up at the Lego store soon.
  15. The Spark That Bled

    Which theme/subtheme did you miss and regret?

    I mostly regret missing out on the Western Theme. It has a lot of stuff that not like anything that I have. I did regret the Harry Potter sets but have made up for it with the newer sets. And I regret that I got into the modulars just a little too late because the Cafe Corner was discontinued before I could get together the money to buy it. Since I'll never be able to afford the price now, my modular collection won't ever be complete.