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  1. Shans161

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Voting

    Edit by Hinckley: This vote is not eligible as the member joined after December 6, 2016 as required by the contest rules. 1 5 8 10 16
  2. Shans161

    Winter Village: Glass Blower's Shop & Workshop

    I really like the colors you chose. It stands out, but in a really really good way! Great details! I like the sculptures and the light element in the kiln. Good luck!
  3. The paw print sign is fantastic! I really like your detailing on the rooms, they really encompass the WV style and size. Good Luck!
  4. Shans161

    Winter Village - Globe Tavern & Party

    Your windows are gorgeous! The stained glass on the stalls and the disco floor are AMAZING! Love what you did! Good luck!
  5. Shans161

    Winter Village: Fire Station

    The hat and hatchets above the door are so cool! This is a great WV build! Amazing job!
  6. Shans161

    Winter Village: Train depot

    The gears for the clock is very cool. I like the scale too, it would fit right in with my winter village scene! Great build!
  7. Shans161

    Winter Village: Tea 'n Tomes

    I LOVE this! I really like the color scheme and the size. Great build!
  8. Shans161

    Winter Village: The Small Winter Village

    Love this build! I really like your blue grocery store. Amazing details!
  9. This is amazing! I really love that you did a Friend's build.