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  1. REVIEW: 7052 UFO Abduction

    A cow would have been awesome. If they had made a sheep, then I would have needed to get 2 of the sets!
  2. REVIEW: 7052 UFO Abduction

    I knew I was getting this set from the moment I saw the first images of this line. I got it as soon as it showed up at my LEGO store, and I absolutely loved it. The only thing that would have made this line absolutely outstanding would have been if the pieces were printed instead of stickered, but it also probably would have jacked up the prices, so I guess we have to make a compromise somewhere. It was hard for me to put the set down and not spend my night going around my house, abducting all of my minifigs (Series 4 biohazard was particularly fun, though). I did get an extra antenna with my set, which was nice. They can be fragile pieces, but consequently, I got the Alien Avenger (6975) when I was a kid, which has the same antenna pieces, and I was so particularly fond of that set that I managed to hold onto those pieces (surviving multiple moves and my Dark Ages) and still have them completely intact. Would they survive at the bottom of a bin of LEGO pieces? Probably not, but they are a cool enough piece (at least to me) that they would be worth safe-guarding.
  3. 2011 Alien Conquest

    I love what I've seen of Alien Conquest so far! I know that if I was 10, I would be begging for every single one of them (certainly would take up my entire Christmas list). My favorite childhood set was the Alien Avenger (6975), which I still proudly display. That being said, I will most likely be only buying the Alien Abduction set (7052) and maybe just a battle pack/polybag or two to get the earth defense minifig (I love the blue, well, everything). I like the color scheme of the series from what I can tell. I'm not completely sure how I feel about the alien minifigs yet, but time will tell when I actually see them in person. I think the alien pet is brilliant and I wish he was more accessible than the big sets (but I'm sure LEGO wanted it that way). The whole thing seems like a modernized 1950's alien attack type theme, which I think is what draws me towards it so much.
  4. Hello!

    Hi, my name is Cole. I'm a big geek in all senses of the word (hence the name). My favorite series to collect are the modular buildings and most exclusives. I'm also a huge fan of the creator line. My favorite currently licensed theme is HP, but I can't seem to keep away from PotC at the moment. I only recently came out of my Dark Age (it took some time to convince the wife that yes, LEGO is definitely more than just a toy (the poor thing was denied LEGO during childhood, so I don't blame her)). My wife is now a minifigure addict collector. Like I said, I'm a huge geek, so my favorite author is, of course, Sir Terry Pratchett and I recently posted my first MOC of Great A'Tuin.
  5. REVIEW: 4183 The Mill

    Thanks for the review! I love the shell head piece (and Davy Jones' heart). Still debating whether those elements are worth getting the set for... I have noticed, though, that the only sets that come with the card are the sets related to POTC: On Stranger Tides. I didn't get one in The Cannibal Escape, but did in both The Captain's Cabin and Fountain of Youth.
  6. MOC: Discworld

    Thanks all for the kind words! The turtle does indeed move (the head can move side-to-side and all of the fins rotate), it was my sort of joke when building it. I know the Disc isn't 100% accurate, but I am consistently changing it to remedy that (not an easy feat on such a small scale... and unfortunately I have been unable to get my hands on a copy of the Discworld Mapp). I would have loved to include the UU, but again, was worried that it wouldn't have worked on such a small scale. I am sorry to say, that even in the construction, the Great A'Tuin's sex still remains unknown.
  7. MOC: Discworld

    Thanks! This is my first MOC since my Dark Ages (and before that, it was mostly castles and vehicles). The mountain represents the Hub (the source of the Disc's magic), although since taking the photos I have slightly altered its position to be more centered on the world. The elephants were my own design. I built them after I had completed the turtle, so my biggest challenge was building small enough elephants.
  8. MOC: Discworld

    Hopefully there are other Discworld fans here. This is my tribute to my favorite author, Sir Terry Pratchett. I made A'tuin using primarily pieces from the Ferocious Creatures (5868) set with only a few supplemental green pieces.