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  1. Barbossa

    Drawbridge castle

    Awesome, a nice piece of art! Looking forward to see more *y*
  2. Barbossa

    greats from Brasil

    Welcome to Eurobricks QuinlanVos
  3. Barbossa

    Hello everybody

    Welcome to Eurobricks legoman94 Enjoy your stay!
  4. Barbossa

    EN Guidance Notes

    All this talk about red buttons begins to worry the radio operator in Blohmton, but Mayor Barbossa doesn
  5. Barbossa

    Super Seven MOC

    Wow, that
  6. Barbossa

    CITY MOC: City Park

    Your City Park looks really nice. I love it, that
  7. Barbossa

    Bley or Grey

    I want both *y*
  8. Barbossa

    EN army database

    Blohmton's new (eehh old) supply truck;
  9. Barbossa

    EN Guidance Notes

    Mayor Barbossa have finale closed the deal and Blohmton City have finally received their first military supply truck. Unfortunately the price got a bit higher then Mayor Barbossa had in mind, the seller even refused to hand it over with full gas tank. That bastard! Good thing is that four dedicated soldiers have volunteered for service and are ready to stay put and support the EN. This is Private Caparzo (driver), Private Reiben, Private Mellish and Captain Miller Picture of the unit will be posted in the army database thread.
  10. Barbossa

    Print Removal Tutorial

    As Slyowl already mentioned, yes it leaves some tiny scratches because it removes the painting in a different way. I will not recommend it for removing prints from glass or transparent bricks. I have only use tooth paste on minifig torsos and when the print has been removed I have always placed a decal on the surface afterwards. For that propose the tooth paste works great. I have tried with nail polish remover but I won't recommend that (at least not the one I used), it almost removed the whole torso, speaking of strong chemicals! And girls use this on their nails, crazy! Unfortunately I have not had the chance to try with brasso yet so I can't compare it to that.
  11. Barbossa

    CC Style buildings

    Hello Getsome and welcome to EB I have seen the pictures of your layout on brickshelf, nice to see that you have decided to post them on EB. Your hospital is also my favourite. Keep it up *y* BRGds Barbossa
  12. Barbossa

    VOTE: Pimp your IMTP ship

    Many great entries, but in the end I voted for Bonaparte. A beautiful ship, steam ON! *y*
  13. Barbossa

    Print Removal Tutorial

    I have actually been using tooth paste when removing paint from my minifgs. Works well but takes some time; the good thing is that your minfig breath improves quite a lot. :-)