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    EV3 with Scratch

    I'm trying to use EV3 with Scratch. I've posted few videos. Maybe someone will be useful.
  2. Place the goods to be weighed on one pan, weights on the other. Turtle heads will indicate if the masses are even. If you like this model please add your support on LEGO Ideas page: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/fd5c6d92-60d2-4665-ae63-bef347b3234d Thanks!
  3. dawidmarasek

    [MOC] Double Pan Balance Scalesh

    Thanks! I have already an idea for new theme but I need time and pieces. I will update soon.
  4. dawidmarasek

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    Eight different lengths pendulums create waves. If you like this model please add your support on LEGO Ideas page https://ideas.lego.com/projects/723b9502-862f-4ec7-9efe-9a61ab24d72a
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    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    Project got to Top 5 Projects Under 100 Supporters! Thanks a lot for support!
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    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

  7. dawidmarasek

    [MOC] Pinball Machine

    Did you play Pinball when you were young? If you're as old as I'm, I'm sure you do. My Lego Pinbal is very simple. The board is built of bricks and reinforced with technic liftarms so it is very strong. You can fix it to the table with two actuators so that he would not move while playing. If you like it you can support this project on Lego Ideas - https://goo.gl/vxRv39
  8. dawidmarasek

    [MOC] Pinball Machine

    After one day project got to Top 5 Projects Under 100 Supporters It's probably also your job :) Thanks very much!
  9. dawidmarasek

    [MOC] Pinball Machine