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  1. TheScotty91

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Really cool, would love to build myself a LEGO brewery in the future. If LEGO would ever sold this (yes, I know they wouldn't) I would buy it in an instant. Nice job!
  2. TheScotty91

    (MOC) LEGO Hockey Rink "MSG"

    Hey all, so I'm pretty new posting wise to these boards after just reading for a while and wanted to share a project I've started working on over the past year. After seeing some of the hockey rink creations across the internet, especially one posted on here, I was inspired to start designing my own creation in LDD and later I've been a hockey fan my whole life... originally a Hartford Whaler fan... now New York Rangers fans (if you can guess from my avatar) so this seemed to be the natural next step in my LEGO revival that started about 5 years ago. My goal is to build a LEGO minifig scale (about 1:48) of Madison Square Garden. Which for the ice surface equals 50" or 162 studs long by 21.25" or 68 studs wide. Eventually I also want to have two full teams of 40 players (custom created with individual jerseys), Rangers vs. Bruins, plus coaches, referees, off ice officials, ice crew and of course Zambonis. Later, when I have more space, I would love to start building out the stands. But after a couple of digital designs, I haven't gotten a look I've really loved yet so that's on the back burner for the moment until I finish the actual rink and obtain more space for this monster, lol. The first picture is what I'm hoping for the first phase of this to be. As a small sample of how many pieces are in the ice surface alone... 884 2x4 white tiles. My guess is over 2,300 in just tiles for the entire ice surface And here is my current physical build. I've completed center ice and am working on one of the end zones and starting to build out the benches and penalty boxes. It's really crazy how big this is in real life, haha. I have 46 16x16 dark bluish gray plates so far in this photo Better sense of the scale with one of my first custom minifig attempts for the future players for this rink. The only problem that I have run into so far that I didn't anticipate when building this digitally was getting the doors to the benches working correctly. It fits good closed... but can't open it up, haha. So posting this to see if anyone may have an idea on how to resolve this. I really... really don't want to cut a corner of a brick... but not sure what else would work right now. Thanks everyone for checking this out, and I'll throw up some more updates as I continue. You can also see more pictures at My Flickr Albumn
  3. TheScotty91

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Hey Delbaerov, I'm new on the boards but have seen your build for a while, just wanted to say how cool and awesome this build is and how it's been an inspiration for my own hockey arena. Amazing job!
  4. TheScotty91

    Hey Eurobricks

    Hey everyone, I'm Scott. Figure I finally introduce myself as I registered a while ago and occasionally pop in to see whats going on. I'm from Connecticut, USA and have been a fan of LEGO ever since I can remember. I had... and still have a bunch of classic sets from when I was a kid in the Town, Space and Pirate themes to name the main ones. My favorite set as a kid was #6395: Victory Lap Raceway. With some honorable mentions being #6898: Ice-Sat V, #6356: Med-Star Rescue Plane, #6274: Caribbean Clipper and #6270: Forbidden island. Luckily I hung on to all my old LEGO sets after I stopped playing with them and getting new sets. As around 4 years ago I had some periods of free time and started rebuilding all my old sets. Surprisingly missing less pieces then I expected... and am now in the process of tracking down those missing pieces to finish the sets. But that reignited my love for LEGO and it has continued to grow from there. I've now become a big fans of many new themes, including the collectible minifigure sets, The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, Marvel, Ghostbusters (since it is my all time favorite movie) and starting to dabbled in the modular buildings which have been really cool. I've also had a lot of fun playing a lot of the LEGO games on PS4, from Dimensions, Jurassic World, Marvel, Stars Wars and more. Plus I've been playing around in LDD and now building some of my own creations and creating some of my own minifigure designs in some other graphics programs. My current project I'm working on, being a huge hockey and New York Rangers fan, is designing a LEGO minifigure scale ice hockey rink themed after Madison Square Garden. It's a massive project, I think 161x68 studs for just the ice surface, which was a bit hard to grasp until I started to build it, haha. I hope I start a post in the near future to share my design process and building with everyone. I'm pretty excited about it and hope I can make it as good the one I have seen on here that has been my biggest inspiration. Anyhow, that's a bit about me and I hope to see many of you around. @TheScotty91