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  1. Lego Bob

    [MOC] Christmas Eve

    Sorry for your dizzines ;D Next time i'll try not to spin it so much ;)
  2. Hi! Recently I came up with an idea for a bridge in Micro scale, and the rest "built itself" pretty easily and quickly. The whole idea is to show a current countryside with a big road "ruining" the view... The model needs some cosmetic touches to the river, but overall I think it looks pretty good. Hope you'll like it! Pictures: A couple having a nice picknick Flickr Gallery Video:
  3. Lego Bob

    40205 - Elf Workshop Review

    Hi everyone ! Today I have a little review for you ! Set number 40205 - Elf Workshop Go and watch it for yourself !
  4. Lego Bob

    MOC - Christmas Chimney

    Hi Everyone today I wanted to show you a little christmas MOC A Christmas Chimney ! Flickr Galery : Tutorial on my chanel : If you like my content maybey you'll consider subscribing and making my dream come true (having 10 subscribers befor 2017) ;-D Hope you'll like it ! Lego Bob
  5. Lego Bob

    [MOC] Christmas Eve

    Today I wanted to show you how Lego Bob is spending christmas with his family ? He has a nice table with lot's of good food Near the fireplace where the stocking is, on a green chair his dad is sitting Children are taking the presents from underneath the christmas tree Bobs brother has just been in woods searching for wood ;-) But where is Bob himself ? Wach the video and see for yourself !
  6. Lego Bob

    Hello AFOLs

    Hello AFOLs ! My name is Lego Bob and I'm a big lego fan. Recently I started a lego youtube channel <snap> If you would like to make my new years dream come true (achive 10 subscribers) plese consider subscribing ;-) I love doing reviews and MOCs, and of course i love doing tutorials for you :-D All the best Lego Bob