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  1. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Congratulations ! Are you in the building process yourself now ?
  2. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Oh I see, thanks !. Apparently I didn't pay attention to this small detail... Works fine now after correction. (and I agree it's no big deal regarding the fully compressed suspension)
  3. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    @Didumos69: you can always contact me for any of your specific questions regarding my experiences with this MOC. A final picture with the functionality of the lights:
  4. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    I completed the build of this amazing MOC; here's a few quick shots: And a few shots with open doors and hood (especially for @Meatman): As you can see the level of detail is impressive, even on the inside ! I really liked the building process. It was sometimes not easy, but in the end it was very rewarding Again many thanks and respect for @Jeroen Ottens, @legolijntje, @Appie and @Blakbird for making this possible General impressions: Level of detail is very impressive ! Building techniques used are creative and functional. Great overall functionality. Robust overall build quality. Shifting gears sometimes needs quite some impulse / torsion (see earlier posted attention points). Due to the weight of the model, the springs have a hard job, resulting in some friction of the wheels against the headlights (I think) "driving" the car (this isn't the biggest issue for me, as I personally prefer small gaps between wheels and fenders , but I can imagine that if you want an ultimately playable version, you should add some spring stiffness or increase this gap somehow). => corrected after a tip from @Appie (see update below). And last but not least: I am very happy that someone here on the forum persuaded me to also buy the electrical parts; it's really an added value (and added functionality) to this model... Highly recommended to any serious AFOL that loves supercars !!
  5. brickhank

    How many spare parts do you have?

    Wow, @Didumos69, I didn't know you were that relatively new, looking at the technical quality of your Porsche MODs and your current rugged supercar MOC. Happy to hear this; I thought I was the only "old nerd" that got attracted into LEGO again by the Porsche and in a short while (approx. 4 months) gathered quite some additional parts (counting ~ 5.000 now)...
  6. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Latest update: Some attention points I noticed: the black flex axles (L 16) at the back fenders seem to be just too long (notice the curves sticking out at the backside ...) ? operating the shifting mechanism from the HOG-position needs quite some "impulse" to hop into the next gear (although I think this is unavoidable because of the torsion weakness of the axles all the way to the front side ?) the frame and bodywork seem to be quite robust and the techniques used for the bodywork are indeed sometimes quite interesting, like @Appie already mentioned Still enjoying the building process very much and looking forward to complete it soon Keep you informed...
  7. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    The build is progressing well: Respect for @legolijntje for making these clear instructions for such an advanced design; and @Appie and @Blakbird of course for their contributing to this amazing MOC ! Although I am not even nearly halfway in the process, I am already appreciating the technical complexity and functionality of the model... (nice job @Jeroen Ottens)
  8. brickhank

    [MOC] 1:8 Scale Scorpion CK-R Supercar

    @bmollema: I built it myself an totally agree BTW: looks like you're using wheels from the white DECOOL Porsche set ?
  9. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    So far, so good... (notice the "secret" ?)
  10. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    @Didumos69: No problem, I will post my experiences with Jeroen's MOC here. BTW: I expect it to be very positive based on what I saw thus far... I just de-assembled the Scorpion today and will start the build tomorrow afternoon. @Meatman: no worries, I will not go into judging which one is better. I will just objectively feedback my experience with this MOC, just as I did with the Scorpion. Isn't that part of what this forum is intended for anyway; sharing experiences ?
  11. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Thanks for the clarity; this saves me a quick-scan through the full 361 pages of the instructions I just downloaded from Jeroen...
  12. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Hi Jeroen, thanks for the update. I might be the first to buy the instructions. In progress right now... Update: Paypal payment completed !
  13. brickhank

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    @Jeroen Ottens: hope you had safe travels and find the time to make the instructions available soon. When can we expect these ? (sorry, can't wait to start... )