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  1. Ok. Good that you have so good experiences. But I make free MOC's for downloading and I use always a differensial between. Now I am working with a fork lift that already has to motors in pair with a differensial between. I make professional instructions also.
  2. Some people has got their motors totally buned up of this reason. My dad said that it has nothing to do with how powerful the motors are, and he is an engineer with 40 years experience in making motor control systems. I think he knows this better that you. As long they do not has a differensial between then they shall never be connected together, no matter what the size is. if you shall choose between buying 3 gears in a differensial of buy two new motors...
  3. Is it safe to use two electric motors connected to one axle? No, that destroys the motor Even you feel it or not. My dad told it and elctronic controling of motors is his professional so he knows what he talk about. He told that the motors will burn up inside of you connecting in paid toghether on one axle. ( three gears, the gear in the middle on Axle and one motor on each side and that is not safe. One is allways working harderr than the other and both motors suffer for that and burns up inside. This is of course power functions I talk about now since it is so unusal to connect to motors in pair, but that is not safe. But it is possible to do it anyway without destroying the motors. A differensial gear between to two motors that working in pair is safe. That does not destroy the motors. But you need a differensial gear between if the motors shall last long and be good long time and do not be destroyd. (Anyway not of that reason)