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  1. So I bought this finally now that got it shipped 170 euros =)
  2. Unfortunately it was disassembled a few weeks ago. I had to shorten it a few more studs compared to that pic. Here's the only pic I had with the almost finished one.
  3. Ad_Astra

    [MOC] Ugliest MOC ever

    Thanks for your support. Let's see how this one turns out. Don't want it to be too futuristic though..
  4. I'm doing some sort of a MOC/MOD for the first time. Gotta be the ugliest ever :D The chassis is pretty much based on the B model of 42039. Here's how it looks so far..
  5. Tried with the white smaller ones. Thought it looked better this way becayue ain't got white ones.
  6. Doing some color rework. Haven't been tearing the set much apart so there's still some original lime in there though. And ain't got all the right parts in black/white =(
  7. Just finished this one. Was a fun build and my daughter loves to play with it. Even her mother did :D Something ain't working for it won't rotate much but it's ok. Haven't still had time to diagnose it.
  8. I'm building the BWE at the moment so got wondering if anyone's made the 42042 on the bottom of the BWE?
  9. Just bought this "used" NIB for 100€ so I guess it was a good deal. Will get it on monday \o/
  10. Nothing fancy here. Just doing the truck without the crane