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    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Me too, up until late last night (this morning) and finally had someone on the phone at 09:00, telling me it would be released at 10:00.. ordered at 10:02 Swiss time and now sold out as well.. Will definitely need to enlarge my theme park area and see how it goes next to the "previous" haunted house ;)
  2. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    As a Police Station, we got the Detective Office, with Laundromat to wash dirty money.. which was targeting AFOLS conceptually and TFOLS/Kids with play features.. And yes we got the Fire Brigade, in another style than City, old truck, table tennis etc.. but I don't think they will go that way for a Police Station, it's been years that AFOLS request/wish for it and did not happen.. so I guess, as previously stated that they will go for a more unexpected set approach. Also, if we speak about sushi restaurant we have the Ninjago city - modular friendly set - , so I don't think this will occur neither.. And I agree, back to Europe, perhaps Italian style is a good probability..
  3. SwissBrick

    [MOC] Liberty of London

    Astonishing.. really have the feeling of London.. well done and thanks for sharing! I really like the mix with the sand color.
  4. Dear EB members, I need your help! Just finished the Apocalipseburg det, but not sure where to place it? Next to the beach, at the end, in the middle of the water? Any feedback is welcome! Thanks a lot in advance:
  5. SwissBrick

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    @cimddwc, @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @KotZ @Vindicare, @Kristel& @Chilis Thank you very much for your advice! Not yet an island, but as soon as I have the additional table, so will it be! Many thanks again for your thoughts and care, much appreciated! Possibilities explored: IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6534 IMG_6526 But yes, definitely need another table...
  6. SwissBrick

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    Thanks a lot for your answers! I tried them all.. and now I have to place the VESTA's wind turbine as well.. I guess the only solution would be to add another table, make a desert space, place the wind turbine in the greenery.. Anyhow, will share the different options as soon as I have the new table. THANK YOU for your insights and advise!
  7. SwissBrick

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    Wow! The tower reminds me my home country capital clock..: Thanks for sharing & inspiring, great job!
  8. SwissBrick

    The Justice Palace

    Love it! From bottom to top! Especially the roof with the "pines", I always struggle to make it somehow original, while standing out from the other modulars, and yet look realistic... well you've done a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
  9. SwissBrick

    [MOC] Angelo Kelly's camper

    Wow, very realistic! Only missing the "squared" shirts :-) Well done and thanks for sharing and inspiring!
  10. SwissBrick

    10264 Corner Garage

    Great building features.. Love how it fits, a real pleasure to build! IMG_5425 by candideounon, sur Flickr
  11. SwissBrick

    [MOC] Corner Blue Grocer

    And is a perfect example of inverted corner, would buy it right away! Thanks for inspiring!
  12. SwissBrick

    The Car Wash

    Love at first sight! Supported, and thanks for inspiring! @BrickyBoy where did you see it next to DD? Thanks and all the best, hope you will pass the 10k supporting!
  13. SwissBrick

    10264 Corner Garage

    Like almost always, not a love a very first sight, but after seeing the designer video, it grew on me, much faster than with DD.. Plus, we were a lot to complain that we were missing massive buildings and were missing the initial modulars, complaining about the play feature not needed, or having too big hands to get into the building.. I believe TLC has listened to that feedback and I am happy they did! It will be a great addition, bringing diversity and another bigger height modular - what about adding a couple of extra floors So in my mind, the price increase is justified, as it pleases the ones complaining about the reduced size modulars, while keeping others happy with the interior play features and details.. And I really like the 45 degrees angle as well, nice building techniques upfront! Also I can't agree more with @Aanchir regarding the ground floor titling, there is so much in the front, and a garage, well unless it is retail garage, does not have clean and tiled floors IMO.. Merci Lars Joe!
  14. SwissBrick

    10264 Corner Garage

    Where is the hidden snake?
  15. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello @ncx, can't we be a bit more relaxed.. I am open to any opinion, but c'mon, @jonahtron´╗┐´╗┐ has a fair point too. Anyhow, being it a garage (I hope but I doubt..), I agree to the fact that a different designer for each modular would be great. I know some people disliked the Town Hall, but it brought diversity. No modular will please everyone (except PR and CC and GG, joking of course), so the most diverse ideas, the most disruptive designs, the more brains working on it.. will lead to a better lifespan of the line.. And if any doubt, yes TLG is listening to their consumers, that's a given, so I would not worry too much about the next one
  16. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi @Mosse1997, I really like the idea! Would solve both issues, footprint/Modular height/size/Parking space and the parts used for the cars.. Unfortunately, not sure they would do so, as you would not see the "behind the scenes with the cars" in most modular layouts. But I really like that kind of thinking, thanks for the inspiration!
  17. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Fully agree, great idea! Never thought of that, could easily combined with a nice combo - I let you choose - and actually yes, it would fit any age range, depending on how LEGO designs it.. Thanks @AFOLguy1970, at least it illuminated my day and helped to be more patient before the official announcement! I am puzzled between waiting or buying the vestas wind turbine.. but I guess I'll wait
  18. Dear Community, as I am rebuilding my city, and really like the Ninjago city & docks sets, I would like to integrate them.. Do you have any examples to share on how you combined these two universes? Here is my current work in progress layout with three distinguished areas: City, Amusement Park, Suburb. I will then add a sea side probably to include the Old Fishing Store, but for the moment my issue is how to best integrate the Ninjago sets.. Here is where I thought Ninjago sets could fit.. Actually, I have a couple of ideas.. One could be to have a river going into the city (insert a 16 wide river "lane" going through) and then add bridges (almost every city is built around water in real life), or having a lake in the middle.. but in any case for the moment they are in 2 different areas in my mind.. I would really appreciate to see how YOU integrated these elements with other modular buildings.. Or if you haven't, do you have any ideas? Merci in advance for your tips and advice!
  19. SwissBrick

    Crude oil plant / Atmospheric distillation unit

    Very nice @stratyd, would have never thought of building one and the render is just superb! Lots f nice details and for once, I like the use of stickers, it brings added value, well done and thanks for inspiring!
  20. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well technically speaking you have the Lego Ninjago City and Docks sets that are Asian looking style and compatible with modulars.. But yes, it is not quite a "Chinatown" district.. but who knows.. There must be some sort of harmony in a modular town, but as we saw, between DD and CC, there is a great deal of differences.. I transformed with instructions PC into a small "kind of" chinese looking build..: We will definitely be surprised, unhappy, excited, dissapointed and finally very happy to build the 2019 modular in any case! Also, if you missed the Ninjago city integration in a modular layout:
  21. Wow @Huaojozu, looks very promising! Did you only use the parts included in the set? Looking forward to the finished build and integration in your city! Many thanks for inspiring and please keep us posted!
  22. Great ideas, will try that! Thanks!
  23. SwissBrick

    SwissBrick Modular Town layout - video update

    Hey @carebear, you are right!! There are some burglars hidden, kids with broken legs, and no police or ambulance to catch thieves nor taking care of emergency situations (my son loves to simulate car accidents or Ninjago attacks on the city).. But at least we have the fire brigade for people making barbecues in the woods, or even GBHQ specialists for potential ghosts around the haunted house.. And a private detective to check who stole newspapers on the stalls.. Never been in favor of a police station, as we had DO already, and thought dentist would be enough for most people in the city.. Will have to rethink about this, thanks!
  24. Dear Community, please find below an update of my town layout (first time video). Thanks in advance for your fruitful comments and improvement feedback! Also, thanks to Rune for the additional monorail tracks! Main area of concern, how to best integrate an airport..??? My first thought is to add it behind the fairground area, using the monorail airport shuttle to liaise with the city.. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.. I usually take most of your valuable feedback into account - the more brains, the better ideas Wish you a nice day, night, evening, morning or afternoon!
  25. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Me too, PR i my favorite! As for the Diner, here is where I placed it, not because of height but color scheme. In reality when you look from the front, it looks good. I agree, at the end of a street or as a standalone (x2) would look better, but I am happy with this solution..