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  1. SummToys

    Youtube channel

    Hi Jim, Ok, thank you the answer. I thought maybe there was a topic were you can post your YouTube video in. I will link my channel in my footer.
  2. Complete serie 4 of the microfigthers and the 75165.
  3. SummToys

    Youtube channel

    Hi there! I don't know where to post this (I've looked everywhere). But I want to show you my youtube channel: SummToys Youtube channel My city (is going to be updated soon): and my latest speedbuild: Feel free to take a look at some videos and perhaps subscribe :). I hope I can post this over here. Thanks and see you on my Youtube channel!
  4. SummToys

    Hi there, i'm Summ!

    Thank you -zenn! Oh and in case someone wants to know... The speedbuild of the Y-wing is up! Lego 75162 Y-wing Does anyone know where I can post somewhere else when a new video is up? I couldn't find any topic with it... Thanks!
  5. SummToys

    Hi there, i'm Summ!

    Thanks VaderFan2187!
  6. SummToys

    Hi there, i'm Summ!

    Thank you both!
  7. SummToys

    Hi there, i'm Summ!

    HI deraven, thank you. It still took me 16 year to come back . But i'm happy i'm back and now with a massive online community to share my happiness!
  8. SummToys

    Hi there, i'm Summ!

    Hello Lego fans, I'm Summ and i'm from the Netherlands. Back in the 80's/90's lego was everything to me. At the age of 12 I got my last lego set and people said I had to grow up and do other stuf then playing with lego. And I did.... But for a few years ago I got in contact with lego and started again. Now i'm collecting Star wars, city, CMF and super heroes. I also like to make videos and that means one thing... (in combination with lego) A youtube channel On this youtube channel I do speed builds, showing my city, sharing what lego (new and second hand) I buy and do MOCs. I have a lot to learn (building techniques) and hope to have a great time on this forum. See you on Eurobricks and on my Youtube channel!