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  1. I got recently got the Star Wars The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, there is one tiny note that says "Beyond these armour units, the first order fields AT-MA (All Terrain Mobile Artillery), AT-PD (All Terrain Patrol Droid) and AT-HS (All Train Heavy Scout) combat walkers." and that's it... At first I thought the AT-HH which pull the Seige Cannon might have been what Lego had created with some kind of mix up on the name. The description of the AT-HH says: "...Their legs are a complex arrangement of crowded, redundant limbs that greatly increase the craft's resistance to battle damage." So guess the AT-HS could be seen as a cross between a AT-ST and the AT-HH that pulled the cannon. Looks like another book I should get! Thanks!
  2. I've only been back from my 'Dark Age' for a short period of time but it seems like every Rogue One set and every TFA set has had at least 20% discount at some point in time and most sets much more. If your willing to wait then I'm 99% sure it will be discounted some where either directly or via an offer.
  3. Ahzeal

    Video Build & Review - 75180 Rathtar Escape

    I think and cool if you could confirm the Han Solo Head is actually new. The one from the Millennium falcon has a thin line and a smile face, where as this one seems to come with a thin line and a grimace face. Edit- Ah watching as I was typing, I see you mention that now :)
  4. Just got the summer 2017 battle packs from Smyths in the UK: 75166 - First Order Tranbsport Speeder Battle Pack 75167 - Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack Both £11.99 Stopped my self getting the 75180 Rathtar Escape, I think it was ~£85 hard to pay that when you know at some point it will be at least 25-35% cheaper if not more...
  5. Got the Rogue One Y-wing from Toys R Us for £51 and free £10 gift voucher to spend on LEGO between 28th April and 30th May.
  6. Ahzeal

    [MOC] Jedha

    Wow this is amazing, really like it, I'm not a big fan of Micro fighters but I do really like the two you have created, but my favorite bit is the buildings and the use of the 3 sand tones and then a few little white and grey highlights. Really top notch stuff, and the Photography looks really good as well. I've had in my mind an idea to do a Jedha MOC with a full sized ATST, if I ever get round to it then I will sure take some inspiration from this!
  7. Ahzeal

    [LDD] Detention Block Rescue

    http://brickset.com/article/27427/star-wars-celebration-exclusive-set-revealed! It comes with Luke and Han in storm-trooper outfits. In the LDD program, you can create build instructions by clicking on one button in the top right and then once the instructions are created there is one button in the top left to create HTML version. So its quite simple. Unfortunately though sometimes the order it put things together and images shown aren't so helpful.
  8. Ahzeal

    [LDD] Detention Block Rescue

    I created the HTML instructions from the LDD and then printed them as a PDF, see how this is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4G1ihiFCV8aV2ZtN0R1ME1sMmM
  9. Ahzeal

    [LDD] Detention Block Rescue

    Oops sorry my bad, I've updated the link now and you should get the LLD
  10. Ahzeal

    [LDD] Detention Block Rescue

    No need to convert anything. If you create a wanted list in Bricklink and then in the wanted list at the top you will see a button called "upload" click that and then attach the LLD file I've linked in my original post. Thanks for the comments guys. What is kind of funny is the two pictures I've seen both differ slightly, the stripy bit at the back is different on both, the box picture doesn't seem to have the tube bit in the left corner or it's there but maybe the other way round? The box also seems to have a Dark tile on the top right. Does Lego normally release the instructions eventually for these exclusive sets?
  11. Hi Guys, Read the Lego news that at Star Wars Celebration there will be an exclusive detention block rescue set. Thought it looked cool and thought it would be interesting to create it in LLD from just the two Photo's that are currently available. So here it is, I've used 210 parts and the official one is 220. I'm not sure about the top right hand side. It looks like the pictures but wonder if it finished off slightly differently. LLD can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4G1ihiFCV8aNC1tbjJJWHdnbHc/view?usp=sharing
  12. Bought Kylo Ren's Shuttle BNISB for 61.50 including postage from eBay last night. Works out at ~45% discount. Slight side question is there a good database / website listing of all star wars mini-figures? Edit: Never mind answered my own question... found this http://brickset.com/minifigs/category-Star-Wars
  13. Just got the resistance transport from TFA 50% off from the Lego Online Shop and the First Order Transport from John Lewis 34% off which I purchased as I noticed it had been retired on lego.com, now just 4 released sets on my wish list Y-Wing, the two TFA X-Wings and Kylo Ren's Shuttle. Just waiting for some good discounts. I'm also just bricklinking some figures and parts to make ScottishDaves version of the First Order Transporter and to get the TFA figs from sets I won't buy.
  14. Where did you "pick" them up from? :)
  15. Ahzeal

    Which is the best Rogue One set?

    Like Forresto, the ATST led me to building a customised version and really captured my imagination, so it's my favourite. Y-wing is the only one I've not got yet, waiting for a discount or offer. I think all the sets seem expensive at RRP but thankfully there seems to be plenty of discounts.