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  1. can someone help me use Studio? Im trying to use these Mods above and I have no idea what to do. I loaded the file and see the entire car, im trying to do the Body removal MOD. Thank you for any help!
  2. Can anyone help me please, in step 50 is that a 7 axel or a 9? I put a 9 but look longer then what the pictures show?
  3. br0ken4life

    The blue brothers

    OMG so many amazing MOC’s dropping you guys are breaking my piggy bank! Love the first car in light blue. Will you be selling instructions? Never mind got them thank you!
  4. Wow man beautiful! Do all parts exist in red? Is it more expensive than white?
  5. Hey thank you for the update Charbel! We appreciate the hard work and everyone is ready to build :) Please send link for payment when you’re ready.
  6. Beautiful Monster Truck, your builds always amaze me. Thanks for sharing have a great day.
  7. Anyway you can provide instructions on engine upgrade ? ?
  8. Do you think you will make instructions ?
  9. I purchased a Bugatti built with box on OfferUp for 200.00 for parts is that pretty good?
  10. Hi I have purchased all parts but I’m unable to send PM to show you proof is there any other way to send you it? Thanks!
  11. Hi DugaldIC, If we have a Bugatti is this a good start with parts? For the blue manual version.
  12. Shut-up and take my money!!! Omg the blue is to die for!!! Can’t wait to buy! Is the manual version of instructions up for sale yet ?
  13. Trying to find part is it this in trans red ? Slope, Curved 6 x 1 Inverted Slope, Curved : 42023
  14. Thank god! Man someone mentioned we may have to take out second mortgage for those lights lol. Cool can’t wait!
  15. Hi guys, I’m a fan of you and your brothers builds, I collect and display and Love my Ford GT. You mentioned instructions that’s awesome is there a way to get part list yet so we can start collecting? And someone mention the headlights used are super rare should we be worried? Thank you for all the hard work!