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  1. WinXP

    Hello folks. I'm Sopacificloco, a new member!

    Nice to hear that it worked out. Glad your grandson is happy!
  2. WinXP

    Hello folks. I'm Sopacificloco, a new member!

    That track is not going to work for 9V. The rails on the 9V electric system have metal stripes that conduct electricity and send it to the motor. The rails you have are from the 12v/4.5v system from the 1980's. The 12v rails have one center rail that is used by the motor to take electricity and run. 12v/4.5v system The 9V rail (shown above) has little holes for the conector, and does not have a center rail, instead it uses metal stripes on the rails.
  3. WinXP

    W.I.P 7760 to pf

    At first i used alkaline 9V batteries, but now i use a NIMH rechargeable cell. Still i have to charge it every day.
  4. WinXP

    Hello folks. I'm Sopacificloco, a new member!

    What is the problem? I can help, but only if you send pics.
  5. WinXP

    W.I.P 7760 to pf

    Haha :) Well it is still a prototype.
  6. WinXP

    W.I.P 7760 to pf

    Hi! This is my latest MOC. It's a pf 7760 that runs on pp3 (9v) battery with a custom adapter. Since i don't have the 7760 i built it with all kinds of colors (it is a prototype after all). Here is the pp3 battery. I wanted this loco to have the iconic 12v clicking , so i put a little metal tab between the motor and some bricks. Here it is in action with the custom clicking sound. The rear with the ir receiver. And here it is .
  7. WinXP

    Where to find broken 9V motors?

    I do not have any. For how much will you sell them?
  8. Does anyone know where to find broken 9V train motors? I searched bricklink and ebay but i didn't find anything. I want to make it in to a custom PF power pickup.
  9. Hi! This is my first post. It's a EMD Gp9 locomotive in the Santa Fe color scheme.