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  1. Cottin

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks for sharing the news! I'm with you there, I REALLY hope this theme continues!
  2. The Wool Farm is apparently available in the US but the other two sets from the wave are no where to be found.
  3. Cottin

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hmmm.. I came here with the same concerns as everyone else, and it looks like we'll just have to wait and see. As long as we get a Roadhog and/or Junkrat before the license ends, I'll be happy.
  4. Good point, Lego-Freak! On further inspection, I'm starting to appreciate the parrot statue and may opt for that build, also liking the inclusion of random blocks of dyed wool. I guess I just had high hopes since I really like the Chicken Coop model and feel like that chicken statue was perfect, not to mention it had a cool play function built in. It doesn't seem like the sheep statue does much, but we haven't seen the back of the box yet either. Also, it's nice to get new wood and fence types in this wave, with birch in the Wool Farm and either spruce or dark oak in the Creeper Mine.
  5. The set picture leaks are everywhere now, should be very easy to find. Here are my thoughts: 21153 - Really? It's like they didn't even try with that sheep statue. It looks terrible to me, but since the set will likely go on sale immediately and has a new sheep plus bricks for the stock pile, I'll be getting this one for sure. I believe this is the first time we're getting a baby sheep in Lego form as well. 21154 - It's just a mashup/ rehash of past nether sets, but with some nice additions. The new blaze design is an improvement in my eyes and I'm thrilled to get two. I also appreciate the inclusion of more of the new pixelated fire pieces. I really like the falling gravel mechanism, but the overall execution is a bit unsightly. It's also a missed opportunity to get a micro blaze and blaze spawner block, but the substitution for a play feature is fair and I get why it was done for this medium-size set. 21155 - I'm 50/50 on this one. The build looks really cool, but it's entirely too grey for being in a mesa biome. New figure skin but the same old Steve; new husk but only one. The play features look like great fun for kids, but the main one is really silly (mine for gold then carry it way up to the top of your statue, where it will go down a waterfall to land inside a chest at the level at which you mined it ) Does this mean we're getting a hopper though? I could go back and forth on this one for a while. Overall I'm a bit disappointed with this wave, but I hope they sell well enough for Lego to continue the license. There's so much potential. What do you guys think?
  6. Hmm interesting. I both like and dislike the inclusion of statues because it gives Lego the ability to keep releasing sets similar to past sets but with one notable twist. Repetitive but effective, and I'm sure kids like the statues. However, I think there is still plenty of potential for new sets that haven't been done at all in the theme, especially now with all the updates to villages. It makes me feel less bad about missing out on the original The Village set, now that they've changed so much in game. I'm still hoping for a Woodland Mansion and End City in the future though! Plus I'd love to see a Lego rendition of that large beast from the newly implemented raids, as well as the Phantom mob.
  7. I suppose summer leaks are still surfacing, but I'm seeing nothing from the Minecraft theme. I hope it continues, even in small waves.
  8. Like the rest of you, I'm hoping the zombie is a placeholder for a drowned. The turtle is certainly an excellent addition, and a highlight for me in this wave. The End battlepack-like set is kinda weird, but between the low price and the new skin, it's a guaranteed buy for me. Is there some kind of new piece for undead mobs on fire in the daylight? I can't tell if the fire on the zombie is digital, brick-built, or what.. Any ideas?
  9. Cottin

    Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Pictures did little to dispel my notion that this wave will be largely disappointing, but my thoughts on each individual set have sure changed. The Skull Arena has a nicer build than I anticipated, but unless there's an exclusive mob or ore included, it's an easy pass. While I was most hopeful for the Skeleton Attack, the build looks thoroughly meh. I'll either buy one on steep discount or just buy the skeleton horse on its own. Bedrock Adventures appears to be the highlight, being the largest set with the most figs and a cool reconfigurable/ modular type of layout. Still, I'm not seeing anything that gets me really excited for this wave. Nothing screams "Must buy!" But I'm sure kids will love em anyway.
  10. Cottin

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I'm really diggin' this new wave all together, with only one real gripe. With early leaks I thought the Infinity War Thanos looked bad to begin with, but now in addition to his his blue onesie and tiny gold armor, LEGO has gone and equipped him with a terror-inducing butter knife. Picturing that fig as lead villain makes me giggle.
  11. Cottin

    Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I'm gonna have to wait to see leaks before I toss out any opinions. But damn that list sounds disappointing - for builds and figs. I sure hope I'm wrong..
  12. I'm incredibly excited for official pictures to surface of any D2C Star Wars sets, no matter what they turn out to be. If memory serves, the rumors are UCS Y-wing and UCS Cloud City for 2018. Verification on either one works for me :D both are welcome additions for an OT collector. But this Kessel Run Falcon for Solo sets.. I have to agree with criticisms that it is a lazy design on Lego's part. Don't get me wrong, if its interior blows me away and I find it on a good enough discount, I'll pick it up for sure. However, at $170 USD with the same basic structure as the past 3 system scale Falcons, it's an easy pass. Especially when the front section of the ship looks so pinched and the cockpit appears equally misshapen and elongated. I know it's the tried n true system scale MF cockpit piece used on every iteration since 2004, but the new design really accentuates the mold's flaws.
  13. I know a lot of folks care about the radar on the Falcon, many having a preference on whether the OT or ST design looks better on the ship. I've never had a strong opinion either way, but seeing the new radar shape on the Kessel Run MF, I got a feeling this one won't be anyone's favorite. I mean.. WTF??? hahaha
  14. I'm quite thrilled to see an OT X-wing and Sandcrawler coming next year. I'm sold. As for the four "confidential" placeholders in the set list, I'm thinking they will be TLJ or Solo sets.
  15. Cottin

    Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    New sets are out in certain US locations and Jang has already got a review up of the Chicken Coop. Fun little set, and I'm thrilled to finally get chickens.. even if these chickens' heads are a bit flat