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  1. Yeah the ground is really awesome. You used some interesting techniques which I find cool. For instance the leaning bricks throughout at a nice extra layer. Nice build!
  2. FishW

    The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    I'm a bit late, been busy lately. But royal guard is awesome!
  3. Boba..... I guess.... so hard to choose.....
  4. FishW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    That would be amazing! Going off your AAT idea, I'd like to see one at $25(same price as the republic tank) and have a similar selection of figures like 1 pilot, 1 regular droid, 1 clone, and either a special Jedi or even a separatist commander(Wat Tambor or someone similar). That would be cool.
  5. Senate commando, though tie pilot looks great
  6. FishW

    [MOC] Sith Temple

    Interesting use of those pieces! Way to be creative!
  7. Hmmmmmmm I really like Poe but man I find the first order trooper amazing. So uhh man this is hard. But First order trooper
  8. Flame Trooper, hard choice between him and the Tusken but I figured since the later was winning I'd go with the trooper. I kind of miss the old Tuskens though.
  9. FishW

    [MOD] Battle on Scarif 75171 - Modification x4

    Awesome, very awesome. I remembered when you were talking about buying 4 of those sets tp try to combine them, nice to see it happened! Just for curiosity sake, how many pieces did you have leftover?
  10. FishW

    [MOC] Millennium Falcon (40th Anniversary)

    Amazing! I'd love to see some more pictures, like I think you mentioned the underside was detailed too which would be interesting to see. Either way excellent work!
  11. This ^ In all seriousness, What about best figure from the first Star Wars waves. Like the first few years of figures.
  12. Well I went to Walmart after a bizarre set of circumstances forced me there. Not going into specific details but several mishaps had me looking for a non-lego related item. I went to several places before I broke down and went to Walmart. I decided as always to check the Lego aisle just in case of a super deal. And a deal I found. At first I notice a few nexo knights sets on clearance which was decent. Then I notice a few star Wars sets also on sale. But then I saw the Encounter on Jakku for $30, wow. I almost picked it up and left. Then I saw Captain Rex's At-Te for $60. Not extremely interested in that set but the price was good. That's when I notice Krennic's shuttle. I saw a yellow tag, could it be. Could it be on clearance. Yes it was. $54. My heart skipped a beat. Being as I wasn't planning on making any purchases I didn't have much cash on me at the time. I quickly scrounged through my wallet to see how much cash I had. I had just enough at around $60. I bought Krennics shuttle right then and there. I considered the other sets but neither really interested me as much as the shuttle. I promised myself if the set ever hit $60 I'd buy it, and as luck had it the set was on sale. It was the last one too. I've never found many amazing deals at that Walmart but today a light must've shined on me. For many that may not be a "super awesome deal" but for me that was the score of the month. Also for the non-Lego related item I needed, turns out I had it the whole time. Tl:Dr bought Krennic's shuttle for $54. Moral is always check the Lego aisle even if you have no plans to purchase a set.