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    Future Star Wars Sets

    Greetings everyone! I've been keeping up with a couple of the threads here and I've finally decided I'd make an account and post! But here are a few sets I'd love to see made sometime or another. I'd like to see a Wookie battle pack, from Episode III featuring some of the different Wookie colors they have made before. Maybe a little barricade or something. They already have the crossbow stud shooters so I think this is doable, though the price of the Wookie body/head mold might stop it. A taken raider battlepack, again the head mold may stop it, and stud shooters would really not fit here. so very unlikely. Geonosian battlepack to go with that wonderful arena idea that was mentioned. Some plain trooper battlepacks. like clone, droids(hopefully we could get some magnaguards), and rebel marine troopers. I really liked the imperial transport battle pack with the four storm troopers and while they were a bit different they were a great addition. Yoda's hut. several other people mentioned this so I won't go into detail. My only thing is please no X-wing just the hut and maybe a monster thing. so it stay afforadble. A cheap bespin cloud car as mentioned before. Vader's Transformation. Yes, I know this set is planned and that is why I am super hyped! I hope it is relatively cheap, under $50 USD, and includes a full version of Darth Vader(ie not battle damaged and with cape) and if it had a full version of the Emperor too, then wow I'd be super happy. But I'm betting that Vader won't have a cape or we won't get the Emperor(or we will but he won't have a cape). Sorry my first post was semi-long, thanks for reading!