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  1. Not sure about WD40 and whether or not it could damage the plastic. I didn't use spray as it goes everywhere, just a little dab of grease from my old dive kit.
  2. @DarkShadow73 I solved the stickiness problem this evening with a tiny dab of silicon grease on the turntable. Turns butter smooth now!
  3. I have a similar problem where the turntable binds and the clutch gear slips. Have taken it off but can't see any way of rerouting the hoses in a better way.
  4. MIchaelF

    HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    Wow!! This is a fantastic build; great imagination!
  5. MIchaelF

    42043 MOD: Digger UDS style

  6. MIchaelF

    Truss design - are these ones OK?

    For someone with zero subject matter knowledge (i.e me!) would the boom in 42042 be considered to have true trusses?
  7. MIchaelF

    42070 Replica by dokludi

    Fantastic ability to be able to build a replica from just photos and videos. Hugely impressive; thank you! The link is forwarding to (I'm guessing) your other blog on radio scanning.
  8. MIchaelF

    Doug's Ferris Wheel GBC (MOC)

    Love this idea Doug! I may go back and rebuild the GBC 10 with the red driveshaft and your mechanism for buckets.
  9. MIchaelF

    42066 Air Race Jet demo video

    On the fence with this one. Nice video, thank you for posting!
  10. Nice work @Doug72! You've done some great customisations here.
  11. Look forward to seeing it Doug. I ended up rebuilding the crane as I couldn't get the GBC to work either.
  12. MIchaelF

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    @Jims reviews are so in depth and detailed (and have helped me decide on sets as a Technic newbie) that I'll happily wait. I can only imagine the hours he puts into every review and I sure as sure is couldn't do it.