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    Faerdham Fortress (Summer Joust Prize)

    Very nice microbuild! I love it,
  2. DaBliss

    Tutorial: Pine Tree

    What a very nice and good tutorial. Time to save up for some parts i guess...
  3. DaBliss

    Steel Mill WIP

    Really nice to see. This looks really realistic to me! For my work i order ALU/CU foils (on roll). Are you involved in this buisness irl?;-)
  4. DaBliss


    Very nice creation! I wish i had so much creativity .
  5. DaBliss


    This looks amazing. Good job!
  6. DaBliss

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I like the prints of your minifigures, they are in a very good state! But i do prefer older weapons. I do not like the golden weapons for medieval knights. (but everyone has his own view of things ofcourse!) Good luck on the battlefield. Let's hope they can save the royal family.
  7. DaBliss

    Forum of Nerva - Roman Imperial Forum

    Well, you got me impressed! I can not get enough of all the details. And i'm in love with your number of Romans. It's insane.
  8. DaBliss

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Hi everyone, Im 28 years old and i'm from Belgium. I recently got into LEGO again after going to my parents house and looking at my old lego sets (90's) I started looking around on the internet and i found this topic. Was i amazed by the number of adults that are collecting these beautiful armies. So i started scaveging some local 2nd hand markets. And i decided to start collecting some black falcons. This is what i got so far. I don't think i will ever have enough :-( http://imgur.com/uYGg/dooRmC1kMy