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  1. *links to all used files and materials in the description by video.
  2. Review on Russian + Speed Build in second part of video, after 4+ minutes.
  3. Brick Ministry

    LEGO 60197 CITY ● Passenger Train [Speed Build Review]

    well, I'll try to find out
  4. Brick Ministry

    LEGO Star Wars ● The Last Jedi SETS

    so, which one you want to see first?
  5. Brick Ministry

    Review | LEGO 76088 Super Heroes ● THOR VS. HULK/ ARENA CLASH

    Thx) Why not a review?) You need my voice and my mind?
  6. Waited for new sets) in the coming days there will be many builds, I have 20 sets!
  7. Hi there! I's my firs review on this site, if i do something wrong, please, tell me :-)