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  1. kr1minal

    [MOC] Steampunk Moon City

    Love it, great diorama
  2. kr1minal

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Thank you 99.9% of pieces are original LEGO pieces. Only helmets, rifles, ammo cases and a couple of crate (tan one and brown one in front of sdkfz 251 on train) aren't LEGO pieces. All minifigures are original LEGO. All the DBG are by brickmania, the 5 guys with LBG jacket are made by me with water transfer decals by Roaglaan's custom. Pants came from Batman minifig.
  3. kr1minal

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Added link to YT video
  4. kr1minal

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Thank you all guys
  5. kr1minal

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Thanks again
  6. kr1minal

    [WWII Diorama] - Train station 1944

    Thank you Stash This door come directly from my old 7727 set, don't care about this please
  7. - Train station 1944 - Finally I can show my new diorama 100% complete. I hope you enjoy my scene. Was so funny to build it. Please, check out my flickr page for more pics. about train wagons, tanks and other WWII veichles. Credits: -My BR23 was inspired by Ben Benekes model. -Panzer III it's a copy of Brickmania's set. P.S. I know, BR23 it's wrong to put into 1944 diorama (it's a 50's train) like the D.236 locomotive (this scheme of colours are post-war) but I love too much these 2 locomotive, especially with this scheme of colours. P.S. 2 Non-LEGO pieces (weapons, helmets etc.) by BRICKARMS, BRICKFORGE, BRICKMANIA P.S.3 Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand me
  8. kr1minal

    MOD+ARTICLE: Motorizing Ben Beneke’s BR23

    Link work perfectly, also download of .pdf Many thanks @Toastie I hope to build this train before the end of year
  9. kr1minal

    MOD+ARTICLE: Motorizing Ben Beneke’s BR23

    Anyone can help me to get instructions file? Link don't work, I think original file was deleted so I ask if someone can share this file via PM. Thank you very much to all
  10. My very 1st chopper ever. Hope you like it.
  11. Thank you, I've worked too much around details, here the interior of hangar for example. I think the small details can make difference Thank you
  12. Almost 5 months but with long pause, so I worked about 1 years in total. Minifig are all laser print, most from brickmania, minifigur'us and other brand who I don't remember name. Helmets, weapons and other NOT LEGO custom piecesare from brickarms and brick forge.
  13. Hello everyone. This is my last diorama and the bigger one I've ever made, work started last summer. I've spent about 5 months to build it (included all veichles, buildings etc.), in free time. there are about 25.000 pieces, I don't know exact number and I don't care. Diorama are based on 12 bases 48x48, 5 bases 32x32 and 1 base 16x32, approx 210x120 cm. I hope you enjoy it, please leave a comment and follow me on flickr, there are more pictures. Thank you very much to all and sorry for my bad english. Andrea, Kriminal, Italy.