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  1. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] Luciano Pavarotti

    Thank you for your comments! koalayummies, jimmynick - I'm really glad that you like this work. It's also good to hear that bending the BrickHeadz standards, which I make sometimes, brings good results. Mylenium - Thank you for your essential comment! It looks you have expert knowledge about Pavarotti. I also make a thorough study of the character I'm about to recreate in the BrickHeadz form. However, I still want this to remain a BrickHead, which makes it necessery to simplify certain elements. It's a kind of balancing between keeping the BH standards and bending them to make the figurine more characteristic. So I try to emphasise the most typical emelments, while some details have to be left out. As regards proportions, I am aware that Pavarotti was probably twice as big. But an inherent feature of this caricature is an unnaturally small torso compared to the head. So, what I actually did was making the torso larger then its usual size, which still means it is out of proportion to the head. But this is intentional. I like however the idea of using the minifig ponytail as the napkin. I had a problem to choose the right part for this purpose. The feather seemed okey, but I also try using the part you suggest.
  2. Hello! Although the BrickHeadz theme may seem a bit out of date, let me introduce one more built in this style (which I have bent a bit of course) - one of the greatest tenors in history: Luciano Pavarotti. I will be greatful for all comments :) Thank you for viewing! Pavarotti BH by Krzysztof J, on Flickr
  3. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] The Cellist

    beverly888, thank you for your comment. Making all those natural curves of both women and the cello was a very demanding task. But it was also very exciting :)
  4. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] The Cellist

    koalayummies, thank you very much for your comment. It's very motivating for my next MOC.
  5. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] The Cellist

    carebear, Runeman - thank you very much for your comments! I'm really happy that you like this creation.
  6. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] The Cellist

    Johnny1360, thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you like it. I have just added a few more photos of this MOC Cellist 2 by Krzysztof J, on Flickr Cellist 3 by Krzysztof J, on Flickr Cellist 4 by Krzysztof J, on Flickr
  7. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] The Cellist

    Hello, Out of passion for music and beauty, I have made this MOC:) Hope you will like it. Thank you for viewing! Cellist 1 by Krzysztof J, on Flickr
  8. Congratulations to Kamil Stoch for winning the gold medal in PyeongChang!
  9. JK_AFOL

    Abraham Lincoln (BrickHeadz)

    Thank you very much for your comments!:)
  10. JK_AFOL

    Bob Marley (BrickHeadz)

    Thank you very much for your comments!:)
  11. JK_AFOL

    Bob Marley (BrickHeadz)

    I really like your version!:) The eyes are perfect;)
  12. Hello, There's still a couple of BrickHeadz in my little collection that I'd like to share with you:) This time I've chosen an icon of reggae - Bob Marley! This figurine was made a few months ago, and was sort of experiment with the way of modelling the hair. I hope you will like the effect:) Bob Marley by Krzysztof J, on Flickr Thanks for viewing!
  13. Capparezza, thank you!:)
  14. JK_AFOL

    Abraham Lincoln (BrickHeadz)

    deraven, thank you!:)
  15. Hello, This time I would like to present a BrickHeadz style version of a well-known character, which I made some time ago - Abraham Lincoln:) This little scene is inspired by the famous Gettysburg Address, which took place in 1863. Abraham Lincoln by Krzysztof J, on Flickr Your comments are welcome:) Thanks for viewing!