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  1. All_About_Lego

    Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow

    This is very cool! And it’s even nicer to see something a little different and out of the ordinary - great job!
  2. This is simply Incredible - I love it! The functions are great, and nice job on the engine and interior details too, it looks so clean!
  3. All_About_Lego

    [MOC] Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - Video added

    Very nice video - it shows off your creation perfectly! That gearbox seems to function great - and I love how rigid the whole thing seems to be! Great work!
  4. All_About_Lego

    42111 Vintage Custom Pickup - alternate build

    very cool build! - it's even more impressive considering it's an alternative model! And I love that adjustable suspension too.
  5. All_About_Lego

    [MOC] Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - Video added

    Wow! What a fantastic build! It looks great, and judging by the outside of the car I’m guessing it works pretty well on the inside too - can’t wait to see the video!
  6. All_About_Lego

    [MOC] 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

    Incredible build - so many functions! It may sound odd but one of my favourite functions that you have managed to squeeze into this beauty is actually the very compact door locking mechanism - I love the use of those rubber Technic parts!
  7. All_About_Lego

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    Maybe your right, I’ve even wondered if it’s the opposite - with ‘normal life’ becoming something different, i.e doing the same routine things every day, which can get quite monotonous... I also tried reorganising - which definitely helped for a few days, although building existing MOC’s is a good idea which I had not thought of - I suppose it may help me to become inspired by other builds and get my ‘creative juices’ flowing again!
  8. All_About_Lego

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    I started the first month or so of lockdown surprised by how much free time I now had (Suddenly not having to go to college, do college work, or revise/sit exams), which I decided to spend making some progress on the MOC’s that I hadn’t had much time to work on over the year. but at some point during my time off from my studies, and I’m still not sure what caused this (lockdown or something else?), my ability to build stuff as I was doing at the start of lockdown seemed to vanish, and every time I sat down at my desk with the intention of grabbing a few pieces and makIng some progress on my MOC’s, I just couldn’t, it sounds odd but I found myself just sitting starring at my half-completed builds, not really doing anything. Annoyingly for me, this has carried on for a while now, and I’m still doing it - the weirdest part for me to get my head around is that I still enjoy Lego, and I always sit down at my desk with the intention of building stuff, but it’s almost like I’m finding it hard to think of solutions to problems and my mind just goes blank, hence the starring. Essay over, to sum up I’m not sure whether or not it’s the world’s current situation that’s affected my building, but I don’t think it’s made it any better.
  9. All_About_Lego

    Sliding worm 3-speed automatic gearbox

    ‘Clunky’ or not. It’s still a very clever idea! - I would love to see this concept improved upon over time as it looks like a great solution
  10. All_About_Lego

    [MOC] [Control+] WTCC Race Car

    Very nice! - It’s great to see your own take on a touring car, we definitely need more touring cars In general in the Technic world! I also love that you have used stickers from a range of sets to create a livery - it looks spot on and is a great way to reuse some of those old, stickered-up panels. The only thing I think I would change is those wheels, I’m not a huge fan of the Defender rims alongside your bodywork, but I do still appreciate the unique use of these rim designs! Great job - keep up the good work!
  11. All_About_Lego

    Ultra Compact 8+N+R Sequential Gearbox

    As other have said - I love your clever usage of those small bionic legs pieces, you’ve also proven (alongside the Sian set of course) that those large frames seem to be perfect for gearboxes - I think I need to get my hands onto some for myself! As you also touched upon in your post - I’m imagining that it would be pretty simple to fit this into any MOC as there is an abundance of pin-holes to choose from! Great work!
  12. All_About_Lego


    WOW! this looks absolutely stunning - both with and without stickers! And I love those wide wheel arches too - great job!
  13. All_About_Lego

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    You've done a great job with this build! It looks great and there are so many amazing functions that you have crammed into it too!
  14. All_About_Lego

    [WIP] Audi R8

    It looks great! - and wow that's a lot of functions - I also especially like the headlights you've created too! Great job!
  15. Congratulations to the winners! A well deserved victory for each of you. And as many others have mentioned - there are so many other incredible entries in this competition (and not just in the top 10!) so we’ll done everyone