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  1. Unfortunately nobody has responded to my original German-speaking question in another (German) Lego forum. I try it here: Hello Although I myself have quite a lot of nerdiness to me, technical interests and hobbies, a certain film genre and hobbies that a "serious" adult should not have (?), I can start with the whole superhelden area, the starwarsfilms and also similar series little. Somehow I find the stories boring, very simplistic, humorless, politically far too correct and often too simple knit. Therefore, my question to the older fans (older in the sense of: Having a family of their own, have already participated in the professional life for a long time, the first destiny and crises have brought about, interested in "real" social / political issues - not only image newspaper and Facebook ...): What fascinates you at the superheldenstory, whether film, serial or comic? What is so special for you on Star Wars and similar film series? (No, I'm not interested in why Star Wars is better than Enterprise Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or is not). Signature: My nickname which I use in that forum. This text I have automatically translated with the Google translator. Lapidem
  2. Lapidem

    Your first set costing over $100

    Hello The first set for which I have paid more than 100 dollars (99.95 Euro are currently about 104 dollars) is the 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel. But it will not be my personal first set for more than 100 dollars, but a Christmas present for my daughter. Hopefully there are also nice and useful parts in it that "someone" can use when the dark ages of my daughter come in some years. You can also think of a little bit selfishly about yourself in the future, right? - It is deeply human and not a shame. If the Dark Ages do not stay with my daughter - the better. But female Lego fans in the age between maybe 16 and 29 will probably also not happen too often in the future For myself, I have not cracked the 100 dollar limit - but I am only since the end of October 2016 out of my dark ages and a AFOL , so ... ;-) Lapidem Translated into English by the Google translator - hopefully understandable for the native speaker
  3. Hello I think the model is potty ugly and bad. ??? But this is not your fault, your MOC is well implemented and you probably have a lot of and good work invested. But if the original is only stupid then the technically best replica can not really satisfy. A lowered off-road vehicle? Terrain, stones, dirt, water accumulations etc. and deeper is definitely not fit together. This is once again a showman car for some teenagers gang members, hobby suburban gangster, rich spoiled son or for men in the midlife crisis and bored luxury women who drive their mutt to peticure. Excuse me if you are a fan of this car - but the model to your MOC has no practical utility and serves only to indicate how "cool" you (not personaly you)are and how good it is financially. greetings Lapidem
  4. Hello, thanks for the information and recommendations. Lapidem
  5. Hello I'm still very new in the Lego hobby as an AFOL, so please do not be too strict if my question is for a "professional" banal or sounds stupid. How do I clearly recognize the right Bricklinks color name of a Lego element that I have in fact as an object in front of me? The fact is that the color perception depends on the light with which an object is illuminated and thus one and the same color can look different. In addition, the colors of bricklinks also display at a self-luminous monitor, which makes a safe color comparison with an illuminated object even more difficult. Unfortunately, without a color-calibrated printer and paper, printouts are also not suitable for performing reliable color comparisons. So how do you know which Bricklink exact color the Legobrick has in front of you? Only by long experiences and/or comparing with stones whose exact color you know for sure? But there are so many Bricklink colors, how to get reliable reference sample , especially as a beginner of every "challenging" color? Lapidem P.S. I have written this text with the help of the Google translator , please apologize if the text should sound odd for a native speaker