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    Gaming, movies, and Lego ofcourse.

    Also lurking on Eurobricks, I'm really good at that. Been doing it for years now! ^^


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  1. Thomas Waagenaar

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    Haha, amazing! Love the terror on the fleeing soldiers face! Perfectly in line with how I imagine the chaos in the Oleonic army!
  2. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Bells for the gods, cannons for the king

    Smart idea of a mine! The little dam to block the river and then that tiny stream with plates is super smart!
  3. Thomas Waagenaar

    [GoC] Elizabethville Observatory

    Beautiful looking build! The lavender and tree on the left are what makes it for me
  4. Thomas Waagenaar

    [MOC] Video: How I built a Caribbean Port Town as a film set

    Woah, that's impressive! The terrain mixes quite well with the Lego, more than I had originally expected! Love how it went from relatively 'simple' terrain in the first episodes to now this massive town, it's looking amazing!
  5. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Patrol Galley

    Lovely little Galley! Fits surprisingly well on a pre-built hull!
  6. Thomas Waagenaar

    [SR- FB] FTA Office, Bastion

    That's a good looking micro! Love the trees at that scale, they work really well!
  7. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR - OKT] Oktoberfest in Punto Sur

    I may not be German, but I can feel their pain for the spilled beer! Nice read, I wonder if Halloween is going to make an introduction over in Punto Sur! ^^
  8. Thomas Waagenaar

    [ESL-OKT] MAESTRO Office - Punto Sur

    Lovely office! The yellow, brown and dark red really match well, and especially in combination with those greens on the side of the wall!
  9. Thomas Waagenaar

    [SR - OKT] Bring on the beer, dude !

    Lovely building! I'm surprised they even take the barrels by boat rather than floating them down! I suppose it does help to prevent them smashing on the rocks though... :P
  10. Readability it isn't an issue, although if it's bold it does become harder to read! It's more that it just feels awkward!
  11. I am inclined to agree. I dislike this new font mostly on my phone. It feels awkward. The normal text etc seems fine to me, but the "bold" text in titles just doesn't sit right with me... 😅
  12. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR - FB] New Gunboat for Quinnsville, HMS Growler

    Lovely little gunboat! They better not fire sideways, or they may flip with such a large cannon! 😂😂
  13. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR-FB] Pioneer Outpost, Camp Isaac

    Woah, looks nice! It really is the foliage that does it for me! Big fan of such lush vegetation!
  14. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR-FB] On the Westface Quays.

    Looking good! Welcome back too! Can't wait to see more of the ship itself!