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  1. Look good. I think a sticker in the front and some detail on the roof would really bring this to the next level. I would also add something underneath the bogies to make them look beefier.
  2. McWaffel

    Train - Extended Track System

    Something that bothered me with the original 9V crossings is that when the train comes out of a bend the flange sometimes hits the crossing rail in the center. It's not a major problem, as the trains never derail but it makes a clicking noise and the train jumps around. Maybe you can fix this issue if you added little guiding-rails that slope outwards really slowly to make sure the flange clears the crossing rail without jumping or getting jerked to the side so suddenly.
  3. I think the little house would benefit a lot by some sort of ventilation or chimney or some kind of antennas/satellite dishes. Some more detail needed there. I do like the colors better now though
  4. Looks great. There's way too few buildings like this available from Lego. I personally would have made it twice the length but it's still pretty cool :D
  5. McWaffel

    Train Station WIP

    Man that's awesome! Is it going to be a terminus or a through station? I think it would be cooler as a terminus.
  6. McWaffel

    Documenting my trains project

    I just uploaded a new post and updated the site, so @dr_spock can now look at the pictures properly
  7. I would imagine the permanent adhesive is not a good solution either, since the metal tape its self wears of. So after a lot of use, not only can you not replace the permanent tape, but the track is not as conductive and may make track useless entirely. I think what we really need is to hope that metal 3D printing becomes more readily available. //Edit: Also, prices for track need to be somewhat lower than genuine Lego, if you're trying to sell to a broader market than just people who want custom radii. 9V track goes for $3.00 - $3.50 a piece so $2 for reproduce track is what they should aim for. I don't see that happening with the current production processes.
  8. Man those look great! Is there any chance you might reproduce the original cross over switches? I don't have enough space on my planned layout for the length of this particular radius
  9. I mean I get that Lego track is quite limiting, given it only has a set radius and all, but I'd rather go out and buy Lego track and use it in my layout right away than spend money on something and wait two years for them to eventually arrive?
  10. I wonder why with this kind of company policy people even bother to buy the rails. That's quite beyond me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. McWaffel

    Retired LEGO Train items

    So what's the difference between them? I don't understand.
  12. Hey guys, I've recently been trying hard to come up with a useful layout to use both my old 9V trains and my PF trains on the same layout. I just can't come up with anything that works and is interesting. Most of the time I end up with one loop and a dozen sidings and that would only allow me to run one train at once which is a bit boring. I have a decent amount of track (150+ pieces), both 9V and PF, but I just can't figure out something that I like. Here are a couple examples of some layouts I came up with: I don't really like either of them too much but I can't come up with anything better than these two. I'd like to know how you designed your layouts and how you go about designing new ones. I'd like to utilize as much of the track I have as possible. I've already looked at dozens of pictures online but most layouts are either too big or not interesting enough. Looking forward to seeing yours :)
  13. McWaffel

    Combining PF and 9V into one useful layout

    I guess so :D But then I would need some mechanical way of decoupling cars. I already have a few ideas how one could do that but that would require a lot of testing and I'm no where close to that part of my project yet. I think to get me started I'll build something usable with at least one full loop, a 12 track pieces long, two tracked train station and I'll go from there. I'm going to use the Givens & Druthers method that @Brickwolf suggested to get everything sorted out, then make a plan and reserve some space for a trainlevator I'm probably going to use a combination of your and @dr_spock's ideas where it's going to become a three storied trainlevator, the bottom being your idea, the top being dr_spock's idea and the middle being access to the lower level tracks. Exciting things! Many ideas going through my head now :D
  14. McWaffel

    Combining PF and 9V into one useful layout

    daaammmn. Good idea. Sounds really complicated I like it. That would require a lot of very precise mechanisms. Like a train/rolling stock dispenser-thing? :D Sounds really interesting. But wouldn't you want your rolling stock constantly displayed? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. McWaffel

    Combining PF and 9V into one useful layout

    I don't think I have enough space to fit an incline for two layers. I'd like all the PF trains to reach all areas of the layout. Thanks for the advice. I will look into it
  16. McWaffel

    [MOC] FM H10-44 Black&Orange

    Well done, I like it. Maybe you could use a black base instead of an orange one. I would also add the little exhaust to the top and the horns in front of the cabin. Other than that I think it looks pretty cool. I've never seen such an engine before.
  17. McWaffel

    Combining PF and 9V into one useful layout

    I agree. I have two crossings because I used to build this track back when I only had my first 9V train as a kid: But now that I have more 9V track and new PF track, I just can't find a good use for them... I like them a lot but the 90° angles are very limiting. :/ too bad really.
  18. McWaffel

    Combining PF and 9V into one useful layout

    I have 3x2m of space planned for the layout. In the screenshots above, the big loop is supposed to be built out of 9V track and the rest is a mix of PF and 9V where necessary to fill in gaps. I just don't find them appealing too much.
  19. McWaffel

    Documenting my trains project

    Thanks for the feedback. Priority seems interesting. Just so I understand correctly, you mean something like giving passenger trains priority over freight trains so they can "overtake" a freight train at the next possible opportunity? I think that would look really cool if two trains are following each other and one overtakes the other at the next two track rail road. Thanks for the idea :)
  20. McWaffel

    Documenting my trains project

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes this feature has been requested many times by some friends and I will work on that this weekend :)
  21. McWaffel

    Documenting my trains project

    Heyho friends, I just uploaded a new blog post. There's a couple of pics and a video of my progress there to be checked out by you! Looking forward to any feedback :)
  22. McWaffel

    Lego, Trains & Internet of Things

    I think this sums it up. I don't need a WiFi coffee machine, I don't need my washing machine to send a tweet when it's done washing and I don't see a point in controlling Lego trains via the web.
  23. McWaffel

    Lego, Trains & Internet of Things

    To start of, I myself am working on a fully realistic and fully automated Lego train management system. I'm looking forward to see what other people come up with. But then I have to say - without being offensive - that the IoT movement is a big pile of stinking garbage. Every unnecessary device that's hooked up to the internet is just a potential security risk - software & hardware wise - produces unnecessary internet traffic that nobody needs (yes, those few kilobytes a day that your stuff sends may not sound like much, but lets just think about how many washing machines and fridges people have and suddenly the traffic situation looks entirely different). What I'm saying is keep your trains out of the web. Other than that I'm very impressed with your app. Looks great and I love your lighting setup on the train! Will you also make it that the light colors change according to the direction of travel? In my personal setup I don't have any bi-directional trains, so I'm not too concerned to change colors according to direction of travel. But I'd be interested to hear how you would determine what way your train is actually going or how you define "forward". Anyway, keep up the good work!
  24. McWaffel

    2016 Lego trains

    Ugh, I got really excited for a second.
  25. McWaffel

    [MOC] Railroad bridge over a swamp

    Oh my! That Loco is so adorable! You gotta make instructions for it. Seems like the perfect 9V shunting locomotive. I'd love to build one!