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    LEGO Trains 2021

    Watch out, you might get a job offer from TLG marketing soon
  2. McWaffel

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Ultimately it’s also a question of price. I’d rather have a new 6-wide train for 100€ than a 7 wide train for 130€, or an 8-wide for 150€+
  3. McWaffel

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Seldomly have I disagreed with something more than that right there. 7 or 8-wide trains are by no means necessary for an AFOL-targeted train. It’s always about proportions and detailing. Secondly, the size and weight of the train has little to no effect on the way it runs on Lego track. If you design the undercarriage well, you will not have any problems. It’s also not related to the width of the cabin at all. Thirdly, you don’t need ball bearings to make a large train run well. The crocodile is a large, detailed, 7-wide engine and it’s fairly heavy compared to most Lego train engines. And it runs perfectly fine on Lego track.
  4. Oh absolutely, agreed 100%. That’s pretty much what I was thinking of when I said metal connectors on the power pickups
  5. I’ve been using DCC on a friends g-scale layout and I can say from experience that it doesn’t really matter what DCC controller you buy, as long as it has the feature you want. Ideally, a power pickup wheel is just a single axle with either cables sticking out, or metal connector to attach cables to. You can then use those as leading wheels/trailing wheels on larger locomotives, use them as wheels on tenders with 2 fixed axles, 3 fixed axles, 2x2 bogied axles… you can also use them to light up the interior of passenger cars. And you don’t need to have a DCC controller in the passenger cars either. Just run the cable from the power pickup to your lights directly. This is what larger model railways do. Lights are just directly powered by the track, picked up by the wheels on that car. This flexibility is only achieved if the pickup wheel is a single axle and only has cables on it. It will also make the power pickup relatively inexpensive because it’s just metal wheels and „brushes“ in a plastic housing. You could also use those pickups to improve connectivity on your track for new Fx bricks motors that have their own pickups, by connecting them up
  6. Or you can just use any old DCC decoder and normal cables. They don’t cost much and having a proprietary connector always sucks, because then you can’t use components by other manufacturers to suit your needs. Ideally the power pickup wheels is just that, a power pickup wheel. Put two to four axles of power pickups in a locomotive tender and run cables to the locomotive, where a DCC decoder and motor sits. Benefit of that is that the pickup wheel can be fully made of metal (not just the flange) and you don’t need to worry about traction on the locomotive
  7. @michaelgale congratulations to making a fantastic product. I bought two packs of straight track and when I got them, I was surprised how good the quality of the product, but also the packaging is. I will for sure buy more in the future! Very happy with the product. now I have a few questions: I was recently at a friends house playing with his LGB trains. And I was blown away by how the G scale trains move using DCC. I was wondering if your DCC compatible motor bogies will also be able to start/stop slowly like that? Also, since his layout is outdoors, connection between the wheels and the track can be spotty at times, so he has connected up all carriages to the loco via cables, so that if for some reason the loco has a bad connection, the wheels on the carriages can pick up power. Do you plan to make something like this possible as well? And lastly: have you considered making wheels for the bogies swappable, so that one can build locos with steam drivers? Or are you planning to release a bogie with large wheels? thanks in advance for answering my questions and for making a great product
  8. Hey guys, I haven't been in the forums for a while but I recently decided I wanted to finally complete my Santa Fe train. Buying a used or new set is completely out of the question, since I'm not willing to pay anything close to the collectors prices that people ask for. So I thought it might be a viable option to recreate the sets using new, currently in production parts as substitutes for the actual ones. A lot of the parts, like the pearl grey textured 1x2 bricks and most of the parts in the "old grey" are crazy expensive. I thought of using light blueish gray substitutes and maybe dark blueish gray for the textured 1x2 bricks. Has anyone here ever done something like this? Is it worth the effort? I thought of using bricklink to part out the sets into a wishlist and then substitute the parts colors with current ones. Is this the way to go or are there easier ways to do this? Thanks for your advice/comments. :)
  9. McWaffel

    Recreating old trains with new parts?

    Thanks for the feedback. I just did a WL on bricklink and recolored all "light grey" parts to "light blueish grey" and "dark grey" to "dark blueish gray". Then I removed the stickers, replaced the bogies with the current yellow ones and replaced the old magnets with current ones and I went from 300€ down to almost 75€. I still think that's a bit steep but it seems a lot more reasonable now.
  10. McWaffel

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    You're a hero! You can't imagine how many sleepless nights I had, thinking about solutions to light up Lego without having to buy overpriced 3rd party kits or running wires everywhere that would ruin the look of these beautiful sets! Finally someone came up with a solution that looks stunning, works great, doesn't reduce playablity of the sets... etc. This is truly the solution I was hoping to come up with! I'm so great to have found this thread. Thank you so much! I hope you don't mind, if I copy your ideas. They're great. Especially running the cables in tubes. Brilliant. How hot do your LEDs or the resistors get? Do you have them all in series?
  11. McWaffel

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    I'm hesitant. For one I want a steam engine, but this one just looks terrible. I think buying two to make one decent loco would make sense, but since I'm not much of a creative guy myself I'd wait to see what others come up with before trying to modify the engine myself.
  12. McWaffel

    Trains in the garden ?

    How did you build the track?
  13. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    Because the new switching track will be set number 60238. Not sure about what's different, but they're not stopping to make them ;)
  14. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    No, it's not the 2014's train front recolored. It's very round, no edges. Only one light. In the center below the front window, a 1x2 tile piece would fit there. It uses the same front window as the tram, from what I can tell. Yes, like in the diner modular. Very similar at least. The pictures aren't in good quality. //Edit: Now you've actually seen the pictures yourself, my comment is quite obsolete lol. But to me that's definitely the new color. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    I've now seen the leaked images too and I have to say I'm very confused. The colors on the cargo train look super weird and the window looks like an upside down front window from the Santa Fe train. It looks nothing like 60052 and is a dual cab. A very ugly engine, in my opinion. Not liking it a bit. The passenger train looks like a blend between the previous white passenger train and the tram from the city center bus depot and tram set thing. It's main color is yellow. It looks super futuristic and I have to admit, it looks more interesting than the cargo train. I'm still not pumped about either. It's basically exactly like in the picture @grimrecka posted just earlier. More like a turquoise color.
  16. Amazing! This is soooo coool! Have you submitted this to Lego Ideas yet? If not you really should! What parts have you used for the bending-part?
  17. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yeah where's a video? :O I only know of the The Brick Show "video" where there is no real video at all, he's just talking.
  18. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    The cargo train does sound interesting indeed. I really liked the 60052 so I too don't mind a recolor of it. The cars sound good too and 5 Minifigs isn't bad for a City Train Set. Overall, 60052 was a great set so what gives? Already I'm not majorly interested in the passenger train. Passenger trains could be made so interesting, with twin deck cars and twin-cab engines but nooooo it has to be freakin high-speed-streamline-duplo-one-brick-crap. I can almost not express the dislike I have for these passenger trains. What remains is the 250€ set. But I don't want to get my hopes up.
  19. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    The suspense is real! The speculation is so much fun. Can't wait for Jan 31st :O But I don't want to get my hopes up too much. The cargo train, I'm sure, will be somewhat good. I don't think it will be nearly as good as 60052 but good nevertheless. Those never disappointed me before. The passenger train on the other hand... I hope to see something that isn't entirely made out of a single brick. If I wanted something like that I'd get a duplo train. A station is nice but I highly doubt Lego would offer two stations... so I don't think we'll get a "grand station" or something. I'd totally get one, but I don't think they're releasing two stations. I'm pretty sure this 250€ set isn't even a trains set.
  20. McWaffel

    What's the current state of third party 9V?

    To be honest, after a while of research and thinking I came to the following conclusion: 9V is dead. If you want 9V track, buy genuine Lego 9V off of ebay or bricklink. 3rd party electric track has been absolutely poor both in sales and quality. A better way would be to develop a hybrid system, like @legoman666 said. One that runs of a rechargable battery which picks up energy from the track when it's running on 9V track and uses saved energy from the battery to run on plastic track - for which there is a great selection of amazing 3rd party track! In my opinion this is probably the best way forward.
  21. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    a 250€ shed? That'd better be a 7-8 track wide monster shed.
  22. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yeah... I wouldn't hold my breath on a creator expert train tbh. All the expert trains were numbered beginning with 1. I highly doubt Lego is going to change that now. It's really difficult to tell what that set it going to be but there's also a high chance, it will not be a train set at all! As far as I know, this mystery 250€ set isn't necessarily a train set.
  23. McWaffel

    2018 Lego Trains

    But I like the idea of the use of the new roller coaster track for a train of some sort. Maybe a fair-ground-narrow-gauge train or something idk... :D
  24. This is great! I really like the effort put into it. It would be really interesting to see if the vehicles behave differently if weight is added. Can you post more detailed pictures of the axles, so I can get an idea of how they work?
  25. Looking good so far. The roof looks a bit bland to me. I would add some Snot-Style skylights. That would also make it more interesting for people to look inside to see what's going on in the station.