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  1. FREMOV111

    [MOC] Mon Calamari MC40 Light Cruiser 'Log Horizon'

    This is awesome! If I had time, I would definitely make instructions for you, but sorry.
  2. FREMOV111

    75153 AT-ST modification

    Cool! One guy on YouTube, If I'm not mistaken, made the same. His name was... CBB bricks? Still awesome! Will buy it just for doing this mod!
  3. FREMOV111

    Star Wars Rebels

    Chimera... This is interesting!
  4. FREMOV111

    [MOC] Force Awakens - The Star Killer

    Wow, this is a good model!
  5. FREMOV111

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Thought that you're Russian for a second. I'm Russian myself, but currently live in Australia. Proud to see your nickname! Done 200 out of 260 parts on BL. I need this thing for Christmas! P.S. I love your Tyrant too! But, guessing, you won't be able to make a second one... До свидания.
  6. FREMOV111

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I started making a wishlist on BrickLink, and I was really surprised to see spring-loaded shooters included. If they`re needed, they`re exceptionally well integrated! Well done Raskolnikov, I`m your biggest fan! By the way, it says that you`re from USA. Is this true, looking at your nickname? Thank legolijntje very, very much! The part list is awesome! If anyone wants to take my wishlist, BrickLink offers sharing them (as far as I know). So feel free to ask! До свидания.