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  1. Thanks very much @ Amando Tanedo for posting this great Review Video on Youtube. https://youtube/ZmtdD5xWLRk
  2. This Winter I had to work with a little waiting list because there were more then enough orders to work on. Part of these orders were some of the main characters like Ripley. 1st time I've build a Newt, 2nd time I've build Burke. They are all done in Skin colors. Right now I got available, ready for shipping: - 1 complete set of Colonial Marines (7 Marines, 2 Smartgunners) - Ripley, Bishop, Gorman, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Gorman, Burke and Newt (1 of each)
  3. Here they are. 2020 edition of my Colonial Marines custom figures. The plan was to get away from the yellow skin and the sandgreen basic figure parts. It took me a lot of time and experiments to get there. Hope you like them! :-)
  4. Hi Aliens Fans! I haven't done an update in a long time. Strange times we live in right now. Corona crisis or not, the Colonial Marines project will move on. But there will be some changes this year. 1. Shipping prices have increased by the beginning of 2020. Until the end of last year I was able to offer worldwide shipping (insured) for only $10. But now it is forbidden in germany to send items in large letters worldwide. This new regulation have increased shipping costs. It's a shame. 2. Since the beginning of this project I always tried to improve the custom figures. Now it's time for another change. Costs of body parts in sand green have increased massivly in Bricklink. So I have made the decission to move away from sand green and move away from yellow faces. There will be a 2020 edition of the Colonial Marines in full camo, improved helmets, improved paintjobs and fleshy heads. These will be the most movie accurate Marines I've ever done. An update with first pictures of the 2020 Marines will come in July or August. I will retire the concept of sandgreen uniforms and yellow heads. If there are some people out there with a half squad at home and like to complete them, please contact me. Maybe I can make a final run of those Marines. But full camo and fleshy heads will be the way to go in the future. Thanks! Matthias :-)
  5. Hi Aliens Fans! Time for another small update: Jason from United States sent me these great pictures. APC and stickers (love them!) are made by Jason, Marines and Xenos are made by me. I love it to receive pictures of my custom figures, photographed in their new homes. Available right now are: - All 7 Marines ($18 each) - Smartgunners Vasquez and Drake ($20 each) - 7 Xenomorphs ($20 each) If someone is interested in them, please contact me via PM or email ( I might have some Ripleys, Drop Ship pilots, Bishops and Gormans available by August. Cheers!
  6. Hi fellow Aliens fans! :-) Every now and then I recieve an email with the question if I still make these custom figures. The answer is: Yes! :-) I should update this thread more often. Project Colonial Marines is still running and I'm working on new figures right now. My email adress is still, so please contact me if you're interested in getting your own squad of Marines. German shipping company DHL has made my life a little more complicated this year by increasing their shipping prices massively. For figures shipped within the EU shipping costs are now $10 Not insured, $18 insured. Worldwide shipping is $20 not insured, $40 insured. I can only apologize for this massive increase. This isn't fair. Until End of 2018 I was able to offer $10 worldwide shipping insured. I can only hope this situation will change again and I can understand everyone complaining about this inrease. Cheers! Matthias :-)
  7. Hi! I took a longer break from my Colonial Marines project and had other stuff I worked on. But in last March I started to work on some new Marines, after 1 1/2 years break. Right now I got two sets of the Minifigs (picture) ready for shipping. Hicks x 2 Hudson x 2 Apone x 2 Dietrich x 2 Frost x 2 Wierzbowski x 2 Crowe x 2 Smartgunners: Vasquez x 2 Drake x 2 Aliens/Xenos x 2 Ripley: x 1 Xenos and Smartgunners are $20, all others $18 each. International shipping is $10. PM me or contact me by email:
  8. Update June 2016 Here are some more detailed and larger pictures of the new Marines for 2016, with shin guards. The boots/shoes of the other figures are painted too. Ready for shipping right now: Hicks x 2 Hudson x 3 Apone x 1 Dietrich x 1 Frost x 1 Wierzbowski x 1 Crowe x 1 Smartgunners: Vasquez x 2 Drake x 1 Aliens/Xenos x 1 Ripley: x 1
  9. It seems the demand for some Colonial Marines to protect the Lego Collection at home was more then I had expected. Most of the troops I've made for 2016 have already found their way to their new homes all over the world. I love it when people give me feedback about them and send me some pictures of their custom figures in their new invironments - like Emil did. Thanks very much! Right now it looks like this: Hicks Sold out Hudson x 1 Apone Sold out Dietrich x 2 Frost x 1 Wierzbowski x 2 Crowe x 2 Smartgunners: Vasquez Sold out Drake Sold out Aliens/Xenos x 8 Ripley: Sold out Looks like I have to build some more this year. I'll update when I got some new ones available.
  10. Feedback! Thanks very much, Nago of Fortfield.
  11. I've made some new Colonial Marines custom figures to offer. My 2016 versions feature painted boots and shin guards. Because of this I'll raise the price for the Marines and other figures by $1. Xenos and Smartgunners remain at $20. I'll upload some pictures of the new and improved figures soon. Here is the updated list of what I got ready for shipping right now: Update 04/2016 Hicks x 3 Hudson x 3 Apone x 2 Dietrich x 3 Frost x 3 Wierzbowski x 3 Crowe x 3 Smartgunners: Vasquez x 3 Drake x 3 Aliens/Xenos x 2 Ripley: X 2
  12. Taking a little break from my Colonial Marines project I started to do custom work with some First Order Stormtroopers. As base figures I took some chinese Stormtroopers because I think the original Lego figures are much to pricy to work with. I've sculpted a prototype of a Stormtrooper blaster and a shoulder pad with greenstuff and made molds of these. Then I casted and painted a bunch of these. I don't like the shoulder pads made by Lego very much and prefer some solid ones. The casted versions do their job pretty good. Also I've made some Heavy gunners with 3-dimensional (not printed) vests and pouches. There is more to come. Right now I'm working on a Satchel for the Snowtroopers. Maybe I'll offer to do comissions of these later on. Feedback is very welcome.
  13. Usually I only sell the completed Minifigures. But I've made exceptions to that rule in the past. Depends on what parts you need, how many and if painted or not. I suggest just contact me via Email and we can talk about that. My adress is
  14. Thanks very much for your feedback, Game over man! I hope I can help. PS: Your username is great!