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  1. wants 10224 town hall more than anything!

  2. These are the following commuter trains I see every day that I haven't modeled yet -M-1 or M-3 (No Difference) ((Harder because of slanted front)) -LIRR MP15ac (locomotive) ((Easy)) *A simpler blue and white is also available -LIRR DM30AC "Cannonball" ( locomotive) ((harder)) -AND LIRR C-3 passenger cars (hard) *Cars are carried by locomotive pictured above *Dear admins, sorry if the picture is too big, I cannot find a smaller one So, you guys can choose which one I do next because it's so hard to decide. Read more about LIRR here: Note: I already did the M-7 car. Have a nice day!
  3. LegoCityFanatic

    LDD MOC: MTA LIRR Bombardier M-7 Classic

    Thanks for the tips and I hope you think these pictures are better. And I uploaded the photo of the real train so I won't make people search it up to see how they look alike Thanks! It's not the best but it's an effort
  4. Ever since I found out this forum, I instantly wanted to build a MOC, but couldn't find any inspiration. Then it hit me. Build the train you've been taking most of your life. This train belongs to the LIRR and was first introduced in 2005-2007 but was instantly a success, way better than the earlier M-1, which I will also make a MOC of. Enough jibber-jabber, let's show the MOC! Okay so the first picture is the front which is a little box-ish (Hey, it's Lego) The second one is a side, the other one is exactly the same (MTA isn't too creative) The third one is the back, which looks very simple like the older LIRR trains The last is the real thing This MOC is not nearly as good as some of you guys could make it. It consist of 686 bricks and I would make a middle engine between the wheels but I couldn't find the parts. It also has no interior, since the program would excessively lag. I would love to build this in real bricks one day. Comments and criticism is welcome.
  5. LegoCityFanatic

    LDD crash?

    Thank you so much! It worked entirely and completely. I guess the error message was trying to tell me that too, but not in understandable English
  6. I was building a model in LDD and by the 320th brick a message appeared and it said something about the program crashing because of some graphical problems. Now it is switched into Compatibility mode! Unfortunately, my model wasn't saved and I have to start from square 1 again. But I really want to ask you is what it means and what I could do to solve it. If you need to know, my computer is a new Windows 7 Asus computer and the graphics card excels the programs demands by times. It is a strange problem. Also, how do I get out of Compatibility mode?
  7. LegoCityFanatic

    Lego User May Survey.

    So many of you guys had this problem? I didn't and I probably think you should have refreshed it a few times to help you. That always worked for me.
  8. LegoCityFanatic

    LEGO Instructions

    Woops sorry!
  9. LegoCityFanatic

    LEGO Instructions

    Hello there. The reason they are not yet available is that Lego didn't fully transfer the instructions to an HTML format, or they might have had problems uploading them to their portal. Or, they might think it's too early! Whatever the reason, they will come out soon! Nick Perhaps.
  10. LegoCityFanatic

    Lego User May Survey.

    Try it out at this link. Here is Lego's description: The Community Engagement & Communication team have asked us to share the May 2011 Public Survey with our members, so please take a moment to fill out the latest survey & let them know what you think ...There are a couple of issues with the wording & functionality (particularly on the "How would you rate your satisfaction with the following ..." page, which won't let you select the same response for different questions, so be aware), but please do your best to fill it out.Some feedback from the CEC team about the last survey - "In the last survey, we found the following results: We found a regional difference in our ratings as the rating in US/Canada are higher than in EU and Asia The results show that many don’t feel like sharing information with others about the hobby as those that are interested in the hobby are already in the hobby Quality and customer service were given high marks by the respondents Only half the respondents noted that they belong to a LUG" Thanks to Brickset for the news!
  11. LegoCityFanatic

    LDD 4.1.7 Released

    Thank you for the exciting news! I am downloading right now. Update: New Pallet! Even more ways to build! No changes to the paint tool that I know of. That's all?
  12. LegoCityFanatic

    That's not an egg!

    Thanks so much for the help. Look at the new version!
  13. Unfortunately, you cannot replicate this in LDD for 2-3 reasons. -Basketballs to studs illegal connection -Minifig torso or face may not exist in the program -Depending if you have Extended mode, some bricks may not appear P.S. This belongs in the LDD forum.
  14. LegoCityFanatic

    That's not an egg!

    He did step in do. No facial expression because I used LDD Extended Mode. Anyways, this is not for the detail, but more for the message: Happy Easter!
  15. LegoCityFanatic

    That's not an egg!

    All he wanted to do is collect some eggs! Comments welcome.