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  1. RM0B

    TLBM : Bat Signal

    Bro that's awesome
  2. Am I the only one who didn't notice the batman from the new scarecrow set has a printed belt
  3. RM0B

    [MOC] The Joker's Joke-mobile

    Jokers face though
  4. RM0B

    superhero Need Help with Odd Robin Head

    I like that expression
  5. Where did you get it and how much money in the US
  6. RM0B

    MOC: Dancing Groot (BrickHeadz)

    That's really awesome, how long did it take to make
  7. That's just amazing.
  8. RM0B

    [MOC] Batman's Dental visit.

  9. RM0B

    [MOC] Dexter

    Lol that looks awesome
  10. Are any of the January sets located in Minnesota?
  11. At the beginning of one of the TV spots, killer moth was in it in a new version
  12. I like bane's vehicle, I hope it's 30-40 dollars