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  1. Kalahari134

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hardly, all it had was a sign reading "Hotel". No reception, no beds, no lift with scissor gates... It was no more a hotel than DO was a police station.
  2. Kalahari134

    Marker lights on UK/Euro trains

    All UK trains must display a red light on the rear. A traditional paraffin tail lamp looks like this but could be painted white, red or black. Usually only one would be carried, though two would be carried on the Royal Train and on slip coaches: https://c8.alamy.com/comp/F3EBNE/mark-1-railway-carriage-tail-light-F3EBNE.jpg A modern, battery tail light (which flashes to save power) was introduced in the '80s. Some do have red reflectors: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_10_2012/post-9382-0-52245300-1349223715.jpg Because unfitted freight trains had a habit of separating, goods brake vans used to carry side lamps as well which showed a red light to the rear and a white light ahead so that the driver could look back and check that the train was complete. Again, they could be painted white, red or black depending on the company: https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images4/360/0515/17/br-railway-brake-van-side-lamp_360_e156df5e727ba92b61252b2789d037cf.jpg When in a loop or on a slow line adjacent to a main line, the guard would remove one of the filters so that two red and one white light would be seen by any overtaking trains, so that they didn't confuse it for a signal: https://www.oliviastrains.com/wp-content/files_mf/1480973632Brake1Goods2.jpg Modern freight trains are fully fitted so only carry a single modern battery lamp. A shunting locomotive must display a white AND a red light at each end.
  3. Kalahari134

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd agree that a Town Hall wouldn't be in keeping with the setting. What about a Village Hall though? Just a simple, small building with enough room for a choir to perform.
  4. Kalahari134

    Lego rollercoaster based trains [CRS]

    It's like a rapid transit system, such as that used at Birmingham Airport.
  5. Kalahari134

    Is this part discontinued???

    Finally! No more taking bits from lower floors when dismantling modulars.
  6. Essentially I'd have a physical control panel, a hardware one (whether of the interlocked lever frame that someone made in a thread a few years back or a panel with buttons) and these would output both to signals on the layout (purely for the benefit of viewers) and an output that informs the software when a signal is cleared. In its simplest (but rather expensive) incarnation, this might involve the back of the frame or panel displaying a colour when a route is set and a colour sensor recognising this. In a more complex system, one which may be beyond my electrical expertise but much cheaper than dozens of colour sensors and PUP Hubs, it might be possible to feed the route-setting status directly into the computer through USB devices (I suppose that is what some on here are getting at with their talk of Arduinos).
  7. As someone with an interest in railway signalling, I'd like to see how this could be integrated with a physical control panel. So the trains run themselves obeying the signals set by a human rather than the computer doing everything.
  8. Kalahari134

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    If I cannot get hold of a replacement part for a reasonable price then I redesign the model to fit a different one in (6-high door in the CC Hotel entrance because the 5-high one is out of production for example). You can't really do that with sails because there usually isn't an alternative. I'd prefer to keep the Imperial Flagship design a) because of nostalgia and b) so it matches the flag pieces. The only non-LEGO ABS parts I've bought have been BBB train wheels and larger radius curved track, neither of which are ever likely to see a LEGO production line.
  9. Kalahari134

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    I don't want all of that scrawled all over my sails. The originals have "&copy LEGO" which is discrete. The replicas are not marked as being from LEGO and the slight blackening of the edges should identify that they have been laser cut. If someone mis-sells something to you then you claim a refund. There will be plenty of people around who want to complete a set for its own sake and won't mind whether it is 100% original. They would've gone to the secondhand market in the past when they had no other choice (you can't just miss out on the sails they are one of the biggest bits of the ships) but now can take their trade elsewhere reducing the demand. Cafe Corner has plenty of rare or uncommon piece/colour combinations so to save money when Bricklinking I substitute them (or even redesign bits of it to suit my own preferences). When I get around to rebuilding my 6271 I shall not hesitate to do the same where parts have broken or yellowed and replacements are scarce.
  10. Kalahari134

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    I'm afraid that it is you who has made the logical error. Hitherto, two groups of people were buying the original sails: purists and non-purists. With these new sails, the non-purists now have an alternative source and will buy fewer of the original sails, reducing the demand for them and therefore reduce the price.
  11. Kalahari134

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    Yellow fabric was what was on the original, white is what I would like. I'll send an email shortly.
  12. Kalahari134

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    I wonder if you'd consider doing the cloth canopies used on the fairground carousel but in white instead of the yellow they are supplied in. I'm planning on rebuilding a carousel to match the colour scheme of the roller coaster.
  13. I find the easiest way to deal with the space issue is to put up a new shelf. I haven't run out so far.
  14. Kalahari134

    Lego vs Zuru

    The smartphone case isn't trying to be a substitute for the phone though. Unlike "these bricks are cheaper but work almost as well".
  15. Kalahari134

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm guessing that they show "sold out" rather than "back order" so that people don't expect them back in stock before Christmas.