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  1. Navy Trooper Fenson

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hidden Side parts seem to count as licensed. Is there even a single unlicensed theme left, or did Lego become wise to people just ordering the special parts separately instead of buying entire sets just for one piece? I am especially anxious about the light grey barrel from the Harley Davidson. That's such a generic piece that could finally get a price decrease on Bricklink from its regular ~5€ per part but they just don't make it available.
  2. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Nice to be winning this early after a two year drought. This is my favorite christmas tradition.
  3. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Behold the Christmas Lord!
  4. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I was counting on those Phase 2 clones in the battlepack. Though at least it makes getting Phase 1s easier again and doesn't block the possibility of a Phase 2 pack later down the line. Also weird that they switched Coleman for Barris but it makes getting the dress legs easier. Though I find they could have used some waves in the front instead of being straight down. The TIE Fighter looks the most interesting to me. Really nice cockpit design. I hoped they would release a 6x6 dish hatch with realistic style printing with this. The TIE Advanced and Prototype hatches had a Rebels cartoon style print. But at least they managed to make a better cockpit than what I tried to cobble together in LDD half a year ago or what I see people do on photo sites. I feared we would never get a medium sized Star Wars set of OT/PT designs again that can compete with what MOCcers are doing though it uses new parts with those weird Nexo Shield/Jumper plate hybrids which one could call cheating in a way . Han Solos disguise with the moulded extra detail and goggles makes me hope for a new AT-AT with updated General Veers. Is that link someone posted earlier that trustworthy or what exactly are the sources for 75222 600$ Cloud City UCS Set and 75181 240$ UCS Set? Maybe one of that can be an AT-AT?
  5. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    I am a bit sad that this years theme is a repeat from just 2015 but I like sequels so it's not too bad. Nosey Returns
  6. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    With Coleman Trebor it's more likely an AOTC pack. Maybe a way to rectify the god-awful Droidekas v.s. Shiny and Sgt. of 2012. I sure hope it's two Shinies but official updates of Sgt. and Lt. with different greens and blues would be useful as well. I knew I should have waited out a bit before ordering my lifetime supply of Phase 1 helmets on Bricklink. Lego can only produce a finite amount of sets at any given time and movie sets have higher priority due to them being more of a trend item.
  7. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanks to the stingy budget of ANH they could do a large number of Astromechs that pulled double duty as Yavin IV rebel astromechs and Mos Eisley (or even Tantive IV and Death Star) deco. The UCS Sandcrawler already included a white R2 with green stripes that originally only was in Mos Eisley. Other Mos Eisley droids are a white R2 with red dome and white head panels, a full body red R5 and orange R5. And these are just the ones that I found in my Wookiepedia and Rebelscum aided research of the topic a couple months ago. Presumably there were 12 astromechs made for at least one full X-Wing squadron but current information does not match up with that number. Though I would rather have had a Battlepack with two Tuskens or even 4 Tuskens, all with different printing for different robes, maybe even with capes because they look kinda dumb without. But then again I hate those actionfigure heads. Really wonder how many Battlepacks are coming this year. Unless they double the count again from 4 to 8 they will definitely see a drop in sales like back when they changed it from 4 figures of one side to two of two sides each.
  8. 3180 Tank Truck - Theme: City - Subtheme: Traffic LDD File Version 4.3.10 Errors: hose part is missing the string missing/incorrect stickers and prints 75182 Republic Fighter Tank - Theme: Star Wars - Subtheme: Expanded Universe / Legends LDD File Version 4.3.10 Errors: 6x white Wedge plate 2x2 cut corner changed for 6x magenta 2x2 round plate Stud Shooter triggers don't want to connect, lie beside the model missing/incorrect stickers missing/incorrect minifigure prints
  9. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Did they forget to put out the Bounty Hunter set? That prelim box starts getting on my nerves. I think with Update was meant that the rank badge has a black line between the two rows while most badges have that space silver. The new Calendar officer seems to be a General from comics like Noils and it even works for Baron Soontir Fel. Sadly General Veers had one less codecylinder. The Death Star had no dark grey officers except Tarkin. What would you say is an update? Finally a non cartoon face, pants aren't blank but have some detail print, hands are same color as the face, the skintone is dark azure which is probably the best choice currently.
  10. The Gallery at Bricksafe has a picture for each one but I would rather make detailed pictures when I come around building them IRL.
  11. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    As I said I don't trust the prelims. The prelims show Dengar to be identical to the UCS Super Star Destroyer figure and he confirmed it appears to be identical to Naares ship set version.
  12. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Is the imperial officer in the advent calendar identical to the 2014 Star Destroyer one like on the box picture floating around? Is 4-LOMs head a new piece or a reused RA-7 protocol droid from the new Death Star and Jedi Scout Fighter Yoda chronicles set? I assume IG-88 uses the same head piece as the Batman Movie CMF Eraser. Are the two Stormtroopers in the First Order pack the same figure? The prelims had one looking like the armor vest variant from the old BP. What kind of shield do the troopers in the FO BP use? Is it square like in the movie? What hat does the First Order BP officer use? First Order style with ear flaps down (from the other First Order BP) or First Order Style with flaps up (all other First order officer figs) or even classic OT Empire style? Any differences between the emperor from Vaders transformation and the Freemaker set? How cartoonish is the figure, I would have assumed they would use the same figure in both sets but the Freemaker show has him with all those funny faces that I expect two heads. What are the figures of the Arrowhead? TIE pilot, Ugnaught, Roger and the two adult Freemakers from the old set make it look like at least one of them is a stand-in for an unfinished figure. Edit: Just read that the Tracker-1 figure is apparently another Sith and not Palpatine. Maybe list all figures from the two Freemaker sets?
  13. Calling this collection of LDD files MOCs is stretching it a bit since many of the creations included in this post are reworked official sets or reverse-engineered MOCs of other people, whose Originals I sadly can't link to here because of my laziness but nearly everything got reworked by to use less rare parts and more parts I have too many of (like 1x1 round plates in transparent red, thanks to those damn studshooters in battlepacks) but this introduction is already 3 lines long and I wanted to make this short actually so I will just stop adding more words to this block of text that nobody really needs to read since LDDs are so wonderfully self-explanatory. The above link contains my Star Wars LDD files in a gallery with small pictures, unless that site goes out of business I hope that the files can be stored there for eons to come. By virtue of these models being of lesser standard than most MOCs I am going to give them only small descriptions in the run-down. Vectron Vertica.lxf A beatiful little vehicle from The Old Republic. While I never played the game I came across a Wookiepedia article about this thing and instantly fell in love with the concept of a simple dish flying above the ground. Truly a patricians way to walk. The file had many problems with recognizing the position of the lightsaber blade piece which is supposed to be light grey Droideka.lxf A model from a rejected ideas project. My favorite way to make Destroyer Droids though I would wish there was a way to simulate the third eyestalk without making the head look too out of proportion. This is my version which is missing some detail / armor bits in favor of making the model less fiddly and easier to transform into ball. Of course the minifigure torso is there to show tht you need two dark grey hand pieces to make two of the Droidekas eyes. Droideka Armored.lxf This is the same Droideka as the first but with armor pieces, originally part of the ideas project where I found the design. Droideka Alternate Arms.lxf This Droideka uses the very common handlebar piece to lessen the fiddle-ity of the first versions arms. if a ball position can come out of this and how much more stable it is is unknown to me as I never tested the model in real life. STAP (old).lxf A recolored, tweaked version of the first Battlepacks STAP. Changing the colors of the pieces to a more uniform scheme works wonders to elevate a model. Compare this solely brown & dark grey version to the original with its additional black and light grey pieces. STAP (detailed).lxf A MOC of Flickr poster. I am a bit uncertain if the steering module isn't too big to be accurate but the connection of the tool wheel parts is my favorite idea (which sadly can't be correctly replicated in LDD). Darth Mauls FC-20 Speeder : Bloodfin.lxf A tweaked MOC I found on a Google Image search. Reverse engineered and color corrected I love the genius of this tiny speeder with its stand made from cheese slopes, pistols for pedals and the sloped design in general looking perfect compared to LEGOs official attempts. I send prayers every night that Lego will finally produce the square 1x1 plate in dark orange to fit the rest of Mauls comfy cushions. Jedi Starfighter AOTC.lxf Found in a thread on this very forum I was pleased with the design but had to realize that I didn't have 3x6 wedge plates in dark red, only the wedge plates of the original 2002 JSF with that weird Classic Space one stud cutout at an edge, which made me rather rework this model for two hours than order the missing parts for two-fiddy. Of course I was able to waste my time with even more details but because I am unsure what was my idea and what part of the original I rather let you discover it on your own. Slave One blue Jango.lxf A simple recoloring of the 2011 released Slave One. With the announcement of the UCS Slave One I bargained at first that I wouldn't need the UCS version because I had the 2011 set but after a couple of hours I came to realize how much a bad model the 2011 Slave One was. I still dislike the design but I could never justify owning two UCS Slave Ones to represent Jangos and Bobas ships so Jango will have to make do with this tiny thing that I hope to add some real interior to at a later date. Dwarf Spider.lxf Fascinated by the backstory of the Commerce Guild using these tiny buggers to execute non-paying Miners I just had to get a trio of them. Lego kind of sold me on the AT-TE laser ball for a body technique but mostly only because 4x4 domes are too big, and every other ball technique too small. A correct colorscheme fitting the Geonosis and Kashyyyk colorschemes was my main reason to make this LDD. Flitknot Speeder Dooku.lxf The Count rides in style and Lego always got it wrong by making the Flitknot much bulkier than normal. This design that I believe is half original and half Google Image search was perfectly engineered to recreate the colorscheme and slim frame. If only the 1x2 pate with two clip bars on each end and 1x1 tooth tile were available in dark grey I could have maybe provided you a life action picture. To work right now I included a version of the model with a 1x4 tile instead to which the triangle shields can be clipped. Flitknot Speeder TCW.lxf A recoloring of the Dooku version based on the CGI show. I still hope to make a Tactical Droid once that could sit in this thing like a Minifigure but who am I kidding, I would need a 3D printer for the head alone. Ironically this version has 50% less non existing parts than Dookus Speeder, only a light grey tooth tile is missing for the complete look. Durge.lxf Form the same Ideas Project as the Droideka Durge was especially hard to recreate due to the extremely tiny picture. I am still unsure about the torso though color corrected I just hope to one day make this figure and decide on which hat Durge has to wear. The addition of all his accessoires like the jetpack, wrist shields and flamethrower make me liken this to a real actionfigure. Battlefront Artillery.lxf Let's us not forget that Lego is a true fan of the Battlefront games, not just since the 2016 Battlepacks, and not since the IFT-X from 2008 but since way back in 2007 with the first clone battlepack including a republic-colored artillery very reminiscent of the Battlefront games. Here only available in the accurate dark grey. AT-RT.lxf Enhanced from the 2009 Clone Turbo Tank set and a bit old, kind of in need of an update I still like this tiny walker for the connection of the antennas alone. BARC Speeder 501st weiss.lxf A completely new design for BARC speeders by myself. I haven't tested it in real life, some bits sit not clamped in by other parts so it could be brittle around the engine section but I would be content calling it a play feature. The colorscheme of the 501st Legion in the The Clone Wars episode 2/11 Deserter is reconstructed with 100% accuracy right down to one Speeder with a stretcher. BARC Speeder 501st grau.lxf Since Star Wars always likes to use some weird color for vehicles that looks grey in some shots and white in others I made both color versions of the BARCs, I still can't decide myself which one I should build but I tend to white since that would be different from the grey Neyo speeders. Both 501st BARC files include 2 of the same BARC + one version with a stretcher. BARC Speeder red : Neyo.lxf The same build as the 501st BARCs with the colorscheme from Neyos 91st Recon Corps in grey and dark red. Speederbike grau Adi Gallia.lxf I wish the Tricycle Bikes Body would exist in light grey because right now this speeder looks nothing like it does in the movie. Mandalorian Swoop Bultar-Class.lxf Based on the season 2 Mandalore arc of The Clone Wars, I am not exactly content but I guess that's the best one can do with the way Lego parts are angled. Includes two versions with different behinds. Undicur-Class Emergency Speederbike.lxf Two versions for Sabine and the Mortis arc, I like how this version can be made tinier but sadly due to Lego figures anatomy it will never be as boxy as in The Clone Wars. Crab Droid big.lxf Based on a MOC I found on Google Image Search this Crab Droid represents crab droids from The Clone Wars which only have 4 legs while movie versions have 6 legs. Crab Droid tiny.lxf This Crab droid is from the aforementioned Lego Ideas project and has 6 legs. X-Wing Brickshelf original.lxf Everyone probably saw Inherts X-wing Brickshelf gallery with the rather complicated photo-instructions. Now you can try to build it with LDD and its horrible way to generate instructions. At least this gives a nice parts list though I gave up on trying to use Inherts design since those click-hinge wing parts used on the front areall but sold out in white on Brickshelf and only exist in pearld ark grey for the grey variant. TIE Advanced X1.lxf A modded version of the current Lego set which was rather stubby thanks to Lego designers incorporating cartoon stylization in their models. Hoth Tower DF.9 Turret.lxf Nobody gets this thing correct and I am no exception as it seems. Still better than Legos attempts I at least. Snowspeeder Orange.lxf Based on the instructions of that very popular version on Flickr and changed to incorporate some more parts that I have in bigger quantities. Snowspeeder Luke.lxf Same as the above with Red Leader markings. Speederbike brown.lxf My slightly changed variant of the countless Lego set speeder bikes so I can have a uniform squad of them. Speederbike white.lxf Based on the above bike with Hoth camouflage and a Snowtrooper heat backpack. Thrawn Thron.lxf To go back in a time where Palpatine was Palpa-Tine and Coruscant was Chorus-Can't. Based on a Flickr MOC I fiddled around with different way to make the actual seat, I think my favorite version is the middle one which incorporates a Lego seat piece but sadly has a hole in its back. First Order Snowspeeder.lxf Based on a MOC I found here I searched far and wide for an LDD file because it wasn't included in the original post. When I found it I changed out some parts to incorporate some more common pieces.
  14. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    They wouldn't have discontinued the OT X-Wing in 2012 then. Around 2005 Lego got a large number of e-mails inquiring why the 4502 X-Wing was discontinued so fast so they released the 6212 X-Wing which was in production from 2006 to 2011, directly followed by the 2012 X-Wing that also had a longer shelf-life than normal until 2015.
  15. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    When that color difference justifies changing the parts then Bobas helmet should have been dark green (since the torso armor and helmet have the same color on the ROTJ version) and the jetpack dark blue. I am not going to care for any new Boba until they get around to recoloring the helmet which should have happened with this set if not already years ago. The entire Desert skiff is a mess of recoloration to be honest. What reference pictures do I have to use to have the Sarlacc and its mouth look like dark orange / nougat? I appreciate different colors for the sake of pleasing multiple interpretations of reference materials (even though the only one mattering should be the movies themselves with props as a secondary reference for tiny details), since this would have been a straight re-release of the 2012 Sarlacc but here is not even a real plus-side to nougat tentacles and cockpit windscreens. And the old skiff was already wrong enough with the splotches of dark tan when it is brown in the movie, making it full dark tan with not a single new recolor is not helpful at all. So according to Lego: White OT X-Wing = Black Episode 7 X-Wing Black Episode 7 X-Wing =/= Grey Episode 7 X-Wing Grey Episode 7 X-Wing = White OT X-Wing I think the scientific term is schizophrenia or something similar. They should have just held off the Episode 7 grey X-Wing for Episode 8. Pretending that OT and ST X-Wings are the same is nonsensical when they release two different color versions at the same time of the ST X-Wings AND A-Wings. But they will never get the X-Wing shape correct which made me try to make complete MOCs myself so why I do even care enough about retail sets of them to type out this post is beyond me.