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  1. Navy Trooper Fenson

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Not since 2013. They always used parts of garish colors in sets where they clash, but around 2013 is when they went into overdrive with putting parts into sets that clash with the outer color scheme.
  2. Navy Trooper Fenson

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Apparently Rebrickable is ok with alternate models, but not alternate partslists to alternate models. At least it shouldn't get deleted here.
  3. Navy Trooper Fenson

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend just going out and buying all the pieces in that list before checking ones own loose parts collection, which was the point of having that list. Changing the gray struts to blue and the transparent red round brick to yellow, all parts that are in the leftovers, saves 10 bucks. Printed parts could be replaced with custom stickers. Then you will probably already own enough technic pins, 1x1 plate extra parts, blue basic plates and bricks from old sets you have taken apart, advent calendar mini builds or just buying loose parts in general. For someone who has absolutely no Lego it is always cheaper and easier to get another copy of the set but anyone with a loose parts collection already will probably come out with a list closer to 20 bucks. Also regarding some other comment here: white Spacemen are as low as 2,50, vintage used red spacemen are 5 bucks, even with shipping how can one come up with a figure of over 50 bucks for 4 figures as average?
  4. Navy Trooper Fenson

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    The files are ready. When you use 1 set to build both alt models you will need to get 340 parts additionally and 261 parts would be left over. Some of these leftovers are the same pieces as some of the rare missing pieces, just in different colors. A file for that is in there, too, but I didn't account for extra parts of small 1x1 plates and such in any of the xml files because those are not always in every copy of a set.
  5. Navy Trooper Fenson

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Looking at the instructions the vast majority of parts are very common. The only real outliers are all printed elements which one might substitute with different prints or blank pieces, and 2 grey tail struts of which you could just use the 2 blue tail struts which would otherwise be left over from the set. I assume everyone with a decent loose parts collection and maybe the willingness to make color changes is able to build the 2 alt models with just one set and minimal extra parts. I also remember to have heard the designer say something to that effect in the live stream Lego con event or however that was called. I just asked Lyichir for his digital files of the 3 ships, it would take me no time to make a list of the missing pieces with those. The official alt-instructions do not have partslists in their back pages, a huge oversight by Lego in my opinion, or a strategy to get impatient fans to buy more sets than necessary.
  6. Navy Trooper Fenson

    Bricklink questions

    Question got answered
  7. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    As I wrote in a previous post, the 2006 electronic AT-AT was released 1 or 1,5 years after its poll. 1 to 2 is most likely with the statement that it is just "one" not "the next". But one of these two things must have happened in case of the Home One Briefing Room set for it to be able to come out mere months after the poll. The design and production process is far longer than the 2 months it was left with back then. According to my memory of a statement from the designers the entire production processes of the UCS Slave One and newest UCS Star Destroyer took 1,5 to 2 years from inception to release. The only lack of courtesy I can spot is your own. Not even responding to and thus not considering arguments or another train of thought than your own as to why people think this is a general marketing survey from Lego. Rather you are trying to pose yourself as being in charge of the discussion by calling everyone involved illogical and uncivilized hiding the offense behind the lack of directly addressing the allegedly offensive sentences or comments.
  8. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It's very disingenuous to write this post and then name a character from fan fiction, not canon. I don't understand your point, the Hasbro poll with Jaina has been somehow messed with but only after the "open" period in which everyone was allowed to name the figure he wanted, so saying Jaina was purely voted for in spite is incorrect as her even gaining enough mentions to end up in the final vote was a hard enough battle as is. The Jaina figure in question has been a good seller, just not as good as Revan and that in spite of Hasbro tricking people by giving her a Jedi robe outfit in the polls pictures but going for a generic black overall in the final product which isn't as familiar an outfit for the character and especially makes even less sense in a line that can't support 1/12 scale X-Wings to go along with a pilot uniform. The manipulated mass vote made Hasbro go from fan polls open to any and all characters to fan polls with a handful of pre-selected choices of which several had already been planned to go into production regardless, including the newest alleged winner Dagobah Training Luke, effectively making the whole show a farce and Lego apparently uses the same disingenuous tactic by obviously wanting to know what fans want from the line through this poll but only giving very few options, all of them highly uncomfortable, railroading us into a choice of products that all sound very unappealing and not at all like what you would expect a fan to chose. This whole Lego poll is somehow linked to the Brickset poll about future SW UCS sets from a few months back, I assume. I have seen people there mention TIE Bombers a weird amount of times but almost always with a prefix that it makes more sense to release a figure scale version before as even the Bomber fans admitted there are better choices which they listed before the TIE Bomber. If Legos marketing team would actually have rewatched the movies this decade they would have realized the glaring holes in the line-up and know exactly what they should be making for the next UCS sets. I am sure a Venator isn't on this list because they would want to make it another 700$ set when it would make more sense to make is smaller compared to the ISD from a lore standpoint and for people that want an ISD but not pay as much for it. But they probably constructed an argument that offering two different UCS Star Destroyers at the same time would negatively impact the sales of both sets but somehow offering two or three X-Wing at the same time was apparently ok just a few years ago.
  9. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I think I would have agreed with you there a decade ago but seeing how Y-Wing, X-Wing, Falcon and Slave One all have had figure scale and UCS versions available with overlapping lifecycles or right one after another in the last few years Lego obviously doesn't bow to that nonsensical rule anymore. It really is a hidden question of "Do you want background OT ships or main Prequel ships?" After the huge failures that were the only previous Prequel UCS sets, General Grievous statue and Obi-Wans Jedi Starfighter we have to send a sign to Lego that their failure was not due to their association with the prequels but rather because they weren't in demand at all compared to the other missing vehicles which were at the time the many main OT fighters and cruisers whose previous releases were either incredibly outdated already or have never been made at all. Even if the "no two of the same vehicles" rule still applies, a minifigure scale Gunship might already be in the pipeline for this summer. The last two fan polls were for products that released 1 to 2 years after the poll, which means enough time for a minifig scale Gunship to end its lifecycle before the UCS version releases.
  10. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The last time there was a poll for UCS SW sets in 2006 we didn't really get the other options. Electronic AT-AT won while R2-D2 was realeased many years later, looking completely different and the other two options are still a mystery how they even ended up in a direct to consumer poll: UCS brown Vulture Droid and a FX series Medical droid from ROTS in the same size as the R2-D2 statue. Just imagine they would have sold a statue sized Medical droid before R2-D2! Also don't understand how they still don't consider an UCS AT-AT. I hope it's just a Ghostbusters HQ situation where they have it in production already due to the anniversary which would explain why they turn to the consumers asking which direction the line should take now: either deeper into the "blink or you will miss it" OT ships or finally commit to some Prequel vehicles. It's a mean trick question how they only give one Prequel choice when they could have easily given 4 options for equality. It seems like they have already made up their mind and rather want to run deeper with the OT despite the PT giving more diverse build options than just fighters and cruisers of which there won't be any more good choices unless they at least diversify into pure EU territory with stuff like TIE Defenders. I kinda that they have chosen a LAAT/I as the Prequel representative as it comes closest to a fast hero ship like the Falcon in that era but a Venator would have made much more sense as it can pull double duty for Prequels and TCW, lends itself better to the UCS scale and even Tarkin had a huge model of it sitting in his office in Rebels! I dislike how this means the LAAT/I would probably end up in scale to the old 90s Technic figures (which I have zero problems with when they pack in some clones in that style) because it runs into the same problem that the Y-Wing and X-Wing have but I think I might finally have enough emotional attachment to a model to not care that it is not system scale and can appreciate the added level of detail possible in such a scale. At least they have chosen a ship with actual meaningful screentime unlike the Nebulon-B and TIE Bomber that I feel like should not clutter the list of official releases if we can only get a maximum of 2 UCS sets per year which most of the time isn't met due to Master Builder location sets. I mean, no hard feelings but anyone who really wants a Nebulon-B should just bricklink that one great looking MOC that even got a chinese bootleg. And doesn't a UCS TIE Bomber practically design itself by combining aspects of the previous 3 TIEs? Now a system scale TIE Bomber is something that's desperately missing because of the amount of sets that are released in figure scale each year. Star Wars UCS is really too far behind to now consider ships that had seconds of screentime and only really play roles in comics, books and games. Finish off the OT with A-Wing, AT-AT, maybe a new Death Star and really only if it's that necessary a Mon Calamari Cruiser but after that there are about 30 Prequel vehicles that all top things like the Nebulon-B in screentime and story importance. I don't think that they even know what sells good anymore. Tatooine set upon Tatooine set despite this location missing the deciding "War-factor" you come to expect from Star Wars. It's admirable that they want to give people some nice looking location sets finally like Obi-Wans hut and Lukes bathtub but I always imagined we would get exciting locations first like a Mustafar lava plant and Obi-Wans home would be something to be released in 2036 or something. Instead something exciting sounding like a lava plant was relegated to two differently colored Podracer fins on a stick for 20 bucks. Are they selling literal dollhouses and compatible cars because Lucasfilm demands girl focus? I really don't understand. My supermarket now has the problem where they are selling two different versions of Lukes Landspeeder and they sit side by side on the shelf. I doubt Landspeeders even sell well anymore and if they do I ensure that practically every single other set idea would sell just as good.
  11. Navy Trooper Fenson

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hidden Side parts seem to count as licensed. Is there even a single unlicensed theme left, or did Lego become wise to people just ordering the special parts separately instead of buying entire sets just for one piece? I am especially anxious about the light grey barrel from the Harley Davidson. That's such a generic piece that could finally get a price decrease on Bricklink from its regular ~5€ per part but they just don't make it available.
  12. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Nice to be winning this early after a two year drought. This is my favorite christmas tradition.
  13. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Behold the Christmas Lord!
  14. Navy Trooper Fenson

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I was counting on those Phase 2 clones in the battlepack. Though at least it makes getting Phase 1s easier again and doesn't block the possibility of a Phase 2 pack later down the line. Also weird that they switched Coleman for Barris but it makes getting the dress legs easier. Though I find they could have used some waves in the front instead of being straight down. The TIE Fighter looks the most interesting to me. Really nice cockpit design. I hoped they would release a 6x6 dish hatch with realistic style printing with this. The TIE Advanced and Prototype hatches had a Rebels cartoon style print. But at least they managed to make a better cockpit than what I tried to cobble together in LDD half a year ago or what I see people do on photo sites. I feared we would never get a medium sized Star Wars set of OT/PT designs again that can compete with what MOCcers are doing though it uses new parts with those weird Nexo Shield/Jumper plate hybrids which one could call cheating in a way . Han Solos disguise with the moulded extra detail and goggles makes me hope for a new AT-AT with updated General Veers. Is that link someone posted earlier that trustworthy or what exactly are the sources for 75222 600$ Cloud City UCS Set and 75181 240$ UCS Set? Maybe one of that can be an AT-AT?
  15. Navy Trooper Fenson

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    I am a bit sad that this years theme is a repeat from just 2015 but I like sequels so it's not too bad. Nosey Returns