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  1. WiredIT

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    I have been getting back into lego customs again and just stumbled back on this thread. @Incredaboy It looks like I haven't posted enough to be able to private message. Can you message me?
  2. WiredIT

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    First, thanks for your support!!! Some of the posters I was able to find a high quality images for, others like the Life magazine, news papers and the record album I had to recreate.
  3. I sent the minifigure parts to someone else to print (I don't have a pad printer) but I did create the designs.
  4. Yep, all custom minifigures. The guy in the middle would be King Robert Baratheon
  5. Hello everyone! Game of Thrones won't return until next summer but in the mean time I give you: Lego Game of Thrones - The Iron Throne Room I also have more pictures on my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143292376@N08/albums/72157672121538060
  6. WiredIT

    [MOC] Pixar/Disney Incredibles Glory Days

    Sorry Phred. I have updated my post per your guidelines.
  7. WiredIT

    The Disney Castle 71040 with LED Lights

    That looks amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing
  8. Hello everyone! I am new to eurobricks, however I have been a AFOL for many years now. I wanted to post my new MOC of The Incredibles Glory Days. The Incredibles may be my favorite movies and something about the flashback scenes hold a special place for me. I spent hours pulling as many details as I could from the movie to recreate my MOC as accurately as possible. I give you Lego The Incredibles Glory Days! Custom Minifigures: Movie Comparison: I have also posted to Lego Ideas if you would like to support. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/157150