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    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    the important thing is if you like it :) anyway, good work!
  2. Rustinidiel

    [Landspeeder][Cat A] - Furiosa

    great design! a question: the "utensil zip line handle" (30229) you used as speeder controls... are attached only to the minifig hands, right?
  3. Rustinidiel

    May 2019: Star Wars Landspeeder Contest

    maybe i must post here the subscription... here is my Cat-A entry:
  4. Rustinidiel

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    sorry but i not understand... the tank in the wookiee attack has sliding dishes and can fit inside a minifig... if you already got the Corporate Alliance tank droid 75015, you only need to replace the dishes mechansm and the interior with the wookie attack tank... i think is the easyest way Edit: i found a solution... to mantain my previous interior and the sliding dishes... let me know if you like it but... i needed to erase the bars on the back of the tank... or the dishes not slide enough... you can fix it with using a different design of detail on the back of tank
  5. Rustinidiel

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    with Lego all is possible with a bit of imagination... i see the model, is possible, buti think the real problem is the dishes... you will have a minifig inside but the dishes are firm, not openable... and... what minifig you want inside? Edit: I've worked a bit on the model and with some added parts (red) nd some other erased an example of clone trooper can fit inside.. the real problem remain the dishes.. i've not found a way to have a openable sliding dish... the only thing i think works is a attached dish deattachable... (sorry for my bad english) you can remove a dish, put inside the minifig and reconnect the dish again...
  6. Rustinidiel


    awesome upgrade! the proportion looks very good. the rear katana fins don't convince me... but the utensil frying pan as the air intakes is so brillant!!
  7. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    thanks a lot! the goal was right this, the original Sith Interceptor is a lovely ship, but too big for my opinion
  8. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    hi all, One of my favourite villian inside Star Wars universe is Darth Maul... and i love his ship, "the Scimitar" or "the Sith Infiltrator" but i think that ship is very huge for only one person... i wanted to give to my Darth Maul a starfighter but with the same design of the original ship... taking inspiration for the "nose" from the awesome Tie Emancipator by GuyDudeMan27 (but i think to will change it with my own design) here is my "Tie Infiltrator" Infiltrator01 by Rusty B. Infiltrator02 by Rusty B. Infiltrator03 by Rusty B. Infiltrator04 by Rusty B. as you can see i used a Darth Maul minifig, but the ship allows to fit perfectly an imperial pilot with helmet as always i used only bricks with existing color what do you think? opinions, suggestions and criticisms are very welcome
  9. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    any your suggestion is very welcome
  10. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    this is what you mean? Infiltrator10 by Rusty B.
  11. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    thanks a lot! i want try to replace the round ion engine with two rectangular engines like the rigina Darth Maul ship, bot for now i not found a right solution of this i think "cheese slope" mean the 1x1 slope... if yes, the result is that Infiltrator09 by Rusty B.
  12. Rustinidiel

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    wonderfull creation!!!
  13. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    Upgraded Version Infiltrator06 by Rusty B. the "nose" now is a bit longer as the original design... i've modified the back too Infiltrator07 by Rusty B. and added a landing gear for substain the long "nose" Infiltrator08 by Rusty B. for now the ship has a Tie Serie round engine... but i want to find a way to make the Sith Infiltrator twin rectangular engine
  14. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Tie Infiltrator

    thanks for your comment... the main model is a tie prototype... than the wings proportion is right in comparsion of the bubble cockpit... i want redesign the "nose" and can do it a bit longer, to mantain the right proportion of the original Sith Infiltrator... the similitude between this ship and the Royal Naboo Starship... if you see it, you can see the same between the original Sith Infiltrator and the Royal Naboo Starship... both have a circular main body and a long "nose".... for the V-wing, personally i dislike that ship... i preferred to obtain a starfighter with the shape of the Sith Infiltrator, because the Sith Infiltrator, too big, but have a bubble body as the Tie series... the V-wing is not a Tie, is a completelly different design... basically i wanted a Tie starfighter for my Darth Maul, personalized as Darth Vader has his own Tie Advanced... recreating a Sith Infiltrator, Maul personal ship, as a Tie starfighter let me to obtain a personalized Tie serie ship for my villian
  15. Rustinidiel

    How do You buy parts on Bricklink

    first of all... make one your presentation in the reserved topic... second, i not think this is the right section where make this conversation A the site is the same, bricklink,they are only 2 different pages to do the same thing... B is not important to know if we are buying from own country or others... you must choos what you prefer... if we prefer to jump from a bridge... you make the same? C the same with the filters... use the filters you prefer D another time the same thing... you must choose if you want buy from store where minimum buy price is over than your parts... but, for do this, you must put inside your shopping cart other parts to reach the minimum buy cost E i think you make confusion from "pages" and "sites"... anyway, bricklink is a good place to buy lego parts...
  16. Rustinidiel

    MOC: Container House

    really amazing!!
  17. Rustinidiel

    Modular Buildings help

    hi all, i'm trying to design a modular buildings moc... but i have one doubt: all the official lego set i've seen are made with the street at the lower level... but, if the building has a basement or a sublevel? how to make it? is possible only lifting the street on the second level with a ramp to connect it to the other street at lower level? someone has made something similar? sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand my words
  18. Rustinidiel

    Modular Buildings help

    my question was "how to make the road ramp to connect the street at the main level and the street of my moc?
  19. Rustinidiel

    Modular Buildings help

    thanks for the suggestion, but my basement is too high to use this technique is a ood idea... i try to do this
  20. Rustinidiel

    Modular Buildings help

    the basement is too high for the first solution... the second, like San Francisco, is the better solution... any suggestion to make it?
  21. Rustinidiel

    [Mod][Moc] Death Star midi-scale

    Thanks to all guys, if you have any suggestion for the internal details... or other possible vignette, tell me it
  22. Rustinidiel

    [Mod][Moc] Death Star midi-scale

    thanks a lot! you are in right, i i'm in doubt of what version will build, if the display or the version with the vignette inside thanks man! the original DS2 is around 750 bricks, my DS2 is around 850 and the DS1 800.... the vignette versions, without minifigs, are DS2 880 and DS1 850... but, the vignette versions are a prototype... i think can be added some more details of the interior of rooms... for the instructions... soon i open my own website where you can find all instructions of all mocs i made (you can see some of them on my flickr)
  23. hi, got a problem with a connection between two surface the only solution i have found is this.... on the side of the blue plate there is a hinge that make the inclination of the gray plate and his position in space.. with the rubber technic axle connector (45590)i think to reach the goal..., Axle Connector Double Flexible (Rubber)&category=[Technic, Connector]#T=C but i'm not satisfied... i give you a link of the lxf if someone want help me most important: the dark grey plate, the light bluish grey plate and the light bluish grey wedge plate must be exactly in that position... dont move them thanks to all
  24. Rustinidiel

    Connection problem

    i got another problem... i need to know if is possible to fit this minifig on a chair i not have the gungan modified head... if someone have it, and a chair, can try to fit him and say to me if is possible?
  25. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Type 7b - Prowler Shuttle

    hi all, recently i tried to create ships inspired by artworks to expand the star wars variety... i found this awesome artwork by Tony Cardona, and with his authorization i share this moc with you this is his work and now my creation Prowler_01 by Rusty B. Prowler_02 by Rusty B. i made a interior cockpit and cargo space, with openable door... only for example i give the ship to a jedi (qui-gon jinn) and fitted inside his astromec droid Prowler_03 by Rusty B. on the wall you can see a strange dark bluish gray thing.... Prowler_04 by Rusty B. is the foldaway bed, used by Qui-gon to restore himself when the droid patrols the perimeter Prowler_05 by Rusty B. as always I created this moc only with existing bricks in existing colors (ofcourse with the LDD decoration limit) hope you enjoy1 opinion, suggestions and criticism are always welcome