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    Lego, CGI, Programming, Unix systems. I speak Dutch, English and Spanish


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  1. frikandeloorlog

    Use the fruit Luke! (AT-ST review)

    About 500 i think. Most of the frames were interpolated with software.
  2. frikandeloorlog

    Use the fruit Luke! (AT-ST review)

    Just finished this Lego set review, The rebels have trouble taking down this AT, but help in on the way!
  3. frikandeloorlog

    An interesting find

    Thanks :)
  4. frikandeloorlog

    An interesting find

    Hi guys, this is my latest video I created with the Volcano Explorer Set, It is becoming quickly my new favorite theme. I hope you enjoy the video, keep watching until the end to find out what they find :)
  5. frikandeloorlog

    The Lego Assembly Line

    Thanks, about 30 hours i think, or more.. I lost track :) hehe, thanks. I'm sure he will have a good time here, its still very nice weather.
  6. frikandeloorlog

    The Lego Assembly Line

    Hehe, thanks. Eat a broodje kroket for me there, I miss those.
  7. frikandeloorlog

    The Lego Assembly Line

    Thanks for your feedback, would you make it faster or slower?
  8. frikandeloorlog

    The Lego Assembly Line

    Hi, I'm presenting you my latest video the Lego Assembly Line, I hope you like it!
  9. frikandeloorlog

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Battlefield 1, what else?
  10. frikandeloorlog

    Lego minifigs collectables

    Thank you for this info. Unfortunately, ordering from bricklink isn't a possibility for me because of importation laws :(. I will try to find the dot codes on the internet somewhere.
  11. frikandeloorlog

    Lego minifigs collectables

    I'm trying to collect the Lego minifigs that they sell one by one and i'm just getting the same ones all the time. :( How many did you had to buy to complete your collection? :)
  12. frikandeloorlog

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    great explanation, thanks! New Indiana jones lego???? nnngggggggggg.. YES!
  13. frikandeloorlog

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    I wonder why anyone would try to license with any other brick company other than Lego. In any store i've been there is Lego taking up 95% of the space and in a corner you can find some of the other stuff.
  14. Which movie, tv or video game should be converted to Lego. I personally would love to see official Star Trek TNG/DS9/VOY or battlestar galactica 2003 Lego sets. What about you?
  15. frikandeloorlog


    Hi, I'm 42 as well, there are a lot of us 40+-ers here in the forum. Welcome!