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  1. Me 2. O cesbrick é um mestre do tijolo.
  2. Thanks Yooha. I like your designs. It's curious that I was think about the missing professions in the castle line, and a baker was the first one, (I ordered bread in BL): Baker Fisherman Hunter Lumberman Carpenter Stone/Mason workers Quarry workers Artisan Butcher Leather workers Merchant Sailors Brewers Winemakers Inn Keeper Stable boys Mine workers (Errant) "Barber"/"Healer" Herbalist Tin-smith Priest Monks Nuns "Medieval European Geishas" Village Drunker (Old) Hermit Thief Beggar Executioner Beekeeper The decal of the legs of your City Guard is the CMF Viking, but the CMF Ice Fisherman decal is quite different from your minifig. (My curiosity is mainly in torso of your guard)
  3. I think it wasn't this particular image, but a similar one: ( By the way, it's the new 2016 "Castle set": 5004419-1 - Classic Knights Minifigure ) 5004419: Classic Knights Minifigure Image too big
  4. I saw yesterday, (probably in BL), a image with the evolution of the castle line, with the nexo knights as the last evolution of that line. (I'm trying to found that image)
  5. Nice initiative. What's the origin of the torso and legs of your fig? Or it's only digital?
  6. It could be the Prince of Persia.
  7. Viriatus

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    It's a really Grand Bazaar. A very busy market, full of live.
  8. Viriatus

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    Beautiful scenario. Good mix of colors and techniques.
  9. Viriatus

    Chronicles of dirt-poor farmer of- dirt.

    Stelario, very good MOC. Your tree stands out
  10. Thanks, AmperZand I will explore that brands.
  11. Viriatus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    After seeing some pages in this thread, there is some huge armies. Do you buy individual minifigs, or in bulk quantities? I'm trying to build a small army, but I have search and bought small quantities in many different places.
  12. Viriatus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    ACPin, very good scenario and participants Excellent creativity!
  13. Where did come from the sword and his brown "thing" where is kept (I don't remember now, the right name of it ) from the Rogue Archer? Did you create the center minfig? Never saw that axe, is that a custom? And the black mysterious guy, that seems a ninja or samurai...