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  1. A display stand for model 75135 Obi-wan's jedi interceptor. Link to my Digital Designer page where you can download the .LXF file.
  2. OneGoodBrick

    LDD Hinge Align tool issue

    You are absolutely correct. I misunderstood the purpose of the tool. I assumed it was for creating a hinge and aligning it, not for aligning existing hinges. I got it to work now.
  3. OneGoodBrick

    LDD Hinge Align tool issue

    Thank you SylvainLS. I figured it out. The issues was that they were not aligned. This is the part I was trying to hinge. From the friction peg to the technic brick next to it on its right.
  4. Version: PC-4_3_10 Issue: Can't make second selection. Scenario: I have my bricks laid out in the designer and I'm ready to create a hinge, I press (Shift+H) to engage the hinge align tool. Next I point my cursor at the first hinge point. The display shows a set of green arrows indicating the selection point. I click and the program locks in the first point. Next I'm ready to select the second point to which the first point should lock. Here is where the issue arises. I don't know how to select the next point. If there are any LDD users out there who can offer explicit instructions on how to do this, please reply. Thank you in advance.