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  1. Prize F has made it's way to the UK. For those that want to know (assuming all Prize F is the same), see the spoiler. Thanks CopMike!
  2. Julam

    Hello from sunny Greece!

    Welcome, this is clever use of mini builds Enjoy you time here
  3. Julam

    Hello I'm Brick Rides UK

    I love seeing Lego fair rides, these are great! Welcome to EB, enjoy
  4. Julam

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    What is going on with those rear wheel arches in set 31064? Someone at Lego must have reviewed this set and thought "That looks odd" but loving the inclusion of a game of swing ball!
  5. Julam

    Lego Dishwasher

    when you think you have seen everything made of Lego.......... Are you controlling the motors manually, or is this automated with software/mindstorms?
  6. Julam

    Winter Wonderland Village MOC Display

    I'm not sure how I missed this, what a great display
  7. Julam

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    Giving how much those tan window frames cost me to make extra carriages, I certainly hope we don't see a re-release. Although I'd happily see it in another colour. That blue version looks Grande
  8. Merry Christmas everyone
  9. My first competition entry,
  10. Julam

    Hi from Hampshire

    Hi, Supporting my boyfriends Lego habbit for 19 years has rubbed off, I enjoy building and collecting Minifigures, Disney and Lego ideas sets, I currently have the Ghostbusters car, Wall-e and the big bang theory sets. Julie