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    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    All done its a great build much sturdier than the tumbler recommend it to anyone
  2. westy 70

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    Just finished mine great build around 3 hours to get it done looks great on its stand
  3. westy 70

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    Just picked mine up from London stratford while talking to the store assistant he said they only had one left now and they started with 30 they also had loads of the other sets but very few series 13 figures also picked up the double decker couch as five figures in a set for £15 was to good to miss
  4. westy 70

    Focus collecting

    I was wondering if theres anyone here who focus collects lego.My other hobby is collecting original starwars toys and there are a few people who focus collect a character whether it be a figure or toy that has the figure in it if there is i would focus collect the blue spaceman there must be loads of sets with him in and then collect it in foriegn packeging .Think i might start just a thought
  5. Hi can i have the series 1 cave man and the series 2 trafic cop and disco dude posted to the uk how would you like me to pay Can you text me on 07814715818 as i work away in the week and struggle to get to a computer Cheers chris
  6. westy 70

    TMNT 2013

    Has anyone seen these sets for sale in the uk yet need to pick these up Cheers chris
  7. Yep thats what i said they have 3 boxs
  8. Ive seen series 9 in wh smith in ipswich suffolk this morning at £1.99 each
  9. Just picked up all 16 at the stratford lego shop very cool
  10. westy 70

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Been looking for a while now but nothing yet they must be around as theres some on ebay just wondering when they will hit the shops.Im in the uk
  11. westy 70

    Review: 6857 - The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

    Top review i have to say i like this set and it must be good as my wife purchased the set and its her first set.Shes a massive batman fan and only got it for the mini figures but has spent about a hour making it.One thing i noticed about the set as i only buy the starwars sets is i was suprised how much more for your money you get in this set over a £39.99 stawars set.Any way there are loads of these in toys r us so get down there and get yourself one.
  12. RubeusHagrid Thanks alot top traid
  13. Thanks rudeushagrid for the mummy very pleased
  14. Ive been buying these things trying to complete a set now i have loads of doubles and still 3 missing.So heres the list im in the uk in suffolk and the figures are as taken from the packets and sat on my book case never played with.I want £2.75 each with free postage each for them which should be around the same price in the shop if you take off postage and packageing.Cheep postage for multipule buys.Heres the list Series 3 3 tennis girls 3 rappers 5 summos 9 baseball players 6 samuria 2 monkey suits 3 fisherman 1 pilot 1 racecar driver 1 space alien Series 4 1 musketeer 1 ice hockey skater 2 sailors Im after from series 3 space vilion hula girl and mummy Thanks chris
  15. I will trade a mummy for a fisherman as long as its all there as it came out of the packet Cheers chris