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  1. Legofan29

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Awwwesome!! Three TFOL categories is great for me, I've been designing plenty of models recently, 3 engines which will be built. Can't wait to hopefully win!
  2. After a response here, and a few requests to the lnur tfol group, we have no created a International TFOL group, the link is here: You're all welcome to join as long as you fit the age group.
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Levi, I'm 16 years old, and have been a fan of Lego and trains my entire life, and even volunteer at the Spa Valley Railway in Sussex (and Kent). I recently agreed to be the chair for a TFOL (Teenage Fan Of LEGO) group of LNUR, LEGO Northern UK Railway, it's a new group set up for LEGO train fan members aged 14 years to 18 years. Despite the name, we are open to members all over the U.K. (I myself am based in the south of England). Thanks to the main LNUR group, who have agreed to give support to help us run the group while giving us the freedom to run as I see fit. I'm hoping we can get a small group of active members who will display at shows, once they reopen while supporting each other online too. If you are interested or know someone who could be interested head to, including membership benefits. In the first few months, we're free for TFOL members to help us get the group off the ground, after which we will start charging a small fee to help cover membership bricks and a few other costs. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see some of you there!
  4. Legofan29

    (MOC) - The 60163 - Tornado

    What a nice looking engine. Could you possible dm me the engine file please? I am working on my own engine and having an engine to help me out would be so helpful.
  5. Legofan29

    [MOC] Imperial Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier

    Are we going to get the LDD file for this, and what about the Arquitens, TheNerdyOne????
  6. Legofan29

    Arquitens-class Light Imperial Cruiser

    Awesome! Well Done!!! Are we gonna get a LDD file. As I want to build this myself.
  7. It has passed the 1st of November? where is it???
  8. Legofan29

    Tornado update and messing about in LDD

    Please can you send me the LDD files of this loco and carriages. Many Thanks Legofan29