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  1. Built it over the past few days, really enjoyed it as always! I'm no Lego genius, but I'm very proud of having made a small modification for the first time. I was disappointed that there wasn't a functional steering wheel. The 8880 has so many features, no normal car since then seems to get close to that, and it's always irked me. The Porsche has no HOG, the 24h car doesn't have a functional steering wheel, so this time I wanted to see if I could come up with something. I don't have a lot of spare parts, as my (small) collection is mostly motorcycles. But I noticed the 42077 has a lot of spare room so I got creative, and made a functional steering wheel, with a chain. Dead simple and a little crummy (the wheel isn't fixed properly), but technically it sort of works and I'm proud of my first baby step in messing up the original plans! Video:
  2. twonha

    Cleaning my parents' attic...

    I haven't put a new battery in, but I suspect I know the answer: they probably haven't survived. That's alright though, I'm just glad all of it can be played with and/or put on display in the attic!
  3. twonha

    Cleaning my parents' attic...

    Thanks! The compliments go to my parents, they really put a lot of effort into it. I'm 31 by the way, so basically anything from the '90s might show up in the collection. Going through it, I'm amazed at how many sets I actually got. Multiple big sets per year, I may have been spoiled back then without even knowing it...
  4. twonha

    Cleaning my parents' attic...

    Tadaa! My parents spent a few weeks of their free time playing with my old Legos. They used to do this periodically when my brother and I were kids, and with their first grandchild on the way, this is how they've expressed their anticipation. They put just about every set back together in the living room, and my dad took pictures with his cellphone. The sets are back up in the attic now, but I took home the one that started all this: the 8880 Supercar now stands on display with my post-Dark Ages collection. TO THE PICTURES!! Unfortunately, the 4564 freight rail runner hasn't survived the test of time. Some parts were found, but most of it is gone, possibly to my nephew. Luckily that's the only big set we haven't rebuilt. Some sets are missing minor parts, but everything has been put together nicely! (Also, after these shockingly bad photos, I got my dad a new phone.) The 8880 was taken apart entirely, and my dad and I rebuilt it from scratch. Technic manuals have come a long way in the last twenty years... We made one crucial mistake in the build that we didn't catch in time: the front differential is put in backwards. This causes the engine to malfunction entirely when all four wheels are turning, and you can't get to that differential without taking most of the build apart again. Instead, we chose to turn the four wheel drive car into a rear wheel drive car by disconnecting the front wheel differential from the system. And so it ends, for now!
  5. twonha

    Cleaning my parents' attic...

    Ah so that's what that is! I never realised. I was born in 1985 and Fabuland lasted until 1989, so it must've been from my first few sets. -edit- I have the carroussel, the big window, and I remember those figures too although I don't think we still have them. I guess I found my first big set!
  6. It's built! I like the front fork with the double wishbone, and the way the rear linkage is built. The cases on the back actually open, nice touch! It's not a perfect replica of the real thing, nor does it beat 8051 in my personal opinion, but I had a lot of fun building it and I'm glad it joins the garage. :) Time lapse of the build (15 seconds)
  7. twonha

    Cleaning my parents' attic...

    Much of the Lego has discolored, yeah. However, I noticed that much of the current color comes from the layer of dust that covers every brick, so a bit of cleaning might sort out some of the mess! Today's project will be putting together the new BMW R 1200 GS though.
  8. I came out of the dark ages a little over a year ago, and I focus on the Technic motorcycles and cars. All the Lego from my childhood are at my parents, including the legendary(?) 8880 supercar. Planning to bring it over to my place to join the Technic Collection of Awesomeness, I was saddened to find out that my younger nephews and nieces probably got to it before I did: it's in shambles! And, so is the rest of the Lego I used to play with as a kid. For years, the parents' attic has been a Lego graveyard. I think it's time to change that, so I got started today: See that odd "car"? That's the ghost of the 6484 F1 hauler. That's the current state of Enchanted Island... The Lego Technic collection from back then, including a decimated 8880 Supercar, an 8022 starter set, and the ugly B-model of the 8250 Search Sub. Big boxes of random Lego! Lots of sorting to be done here... Boats, trucks, cars, helicopters: everything a young boy needs to get around in Legoland. The Western fort and city have seen better days. The 6274 Caribbean Clipper is mostly intact but not exactly in sailing conditions. The 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress is mostly intact. The same goes for 6081 King's Mountain Fortress, although apparently the US Army got their hands on it. The 6277 Imperial Trading Post has been abandoned, and there's not much paradise to be found at the 6416 Poolside Paradise. The plan is to at least bring the 8880 back to life, and bring over most of the Technic collection. In time, I might get to rebuilding more older Lego sets. In six months, we're expecting our first-born. If I take my time, maybe we'll get to play with my old Legos again, together...
  9. Nice! Your bike looks very light - like a racing bike should! I've got the BMW sitting on the table next to me, ready to be built. I couldn't really tell from the box whether the B-model is worth bothering with, it looks a little weird! Have you tried that one?