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  1. It is three models made in 1975 that I putted on Apple store to download free. I have made drawings that is modified so the model only has parts that still is available. De models are very good for decoration also. The download contain three veteran cars. A Renault 1926, a Rolls Royce 1909, and a Cadillac 1913. De MOC fits for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac. And the best: The MOC is FREE. The drawings you find in iBooks from Apple. Search on title LEGO Rolls Royce in iBooks.
  2. Helge Myhre

    [MOC] Corvette C3 Stingray

    I shall make professional drawings of this Corvette and sell on Apple store, Amazon, make physical magazine, make Ebook for Apple/Andriod. I give the honor of constructing the model to correct person but the book is mine.
  3. Helge Myhre

    Rolls Royce 1909 and Cadillac 1913.

    Good that you mean everybody are so clever to build here. Sorry, but I would need a building instruction for this and that I do not think I am alone about. Did you know that Lego mainly is meant for children? If you want toys meant for grown ups so buy model Railway, but this is meant for children. And they need an instruction. I have a great idea: You write to lego-denmark that they shall start skip making building instructions to all kit they produce with lesser than 300 parts because everybody find it out anyway so they do not need help. All I have done is refresh two old models.
  4. Helge Myhre

    Rolls Royce 1909 and Cadillac 1913.

    I know that. I just forgot to change category. My fault. Sorry. Maybe a moderator can move the thread. I think this is cassified as Creator.
  5. Helge Myhre

    Rolls Royce 1909 and Cadillac 1913.

    I know that. But all I have seen cost 100 euro - 140euro . This is a lot cheaper to buy parts for maybe 20 euro. You can maybe save 100 euro to build a new if you buy bricks, but they do not have the same value og age as the original, but they are good as decoration and funny. And it is not easy to get the original models, but my book you just can order with a logo and drawings that not is copyright on.
  6. I have one more Project. I shall build a Rolls Royce 1909 model and a Cadillac 1913 model. See this - Rolls Royce 1909: Rolls Rolls 255 parts. And Cadillac 1913: Cadillac 201 parts. If you want to build these yourself go to:
  7. Yes. Let a moderator make people understand that this thread is not about a book but my building project. If not I have to make a new thread about it. By the way. I have taken the book away from the market. I hope that can make you shut up, because this is not a LEGO forum but a fighting forum, I see.
  8. This body is standing on the original 8860 that came in 1980 but my version shall be much more sporty, so I changed back to bigger rims and low profile. You can build a body on my version also but my version is for a much more sporty body than this vintage porsche:
  9. I do not take profit. I sell them for the price it cost to make them. But why make this big subject of it? I do not think you make big trouble with people who makes a torrent download and a keygen for Photoshop, so why this?. This thread is about car that I construct so shut up over that book. To remind you, this thread it over the car on the picture under:
  10. I have found the other file of the updated Deluxe version that only has parts that still are available and I shall make a magazine with my own pictures. The drawing was on my other computer. One thing more about the book I already made. I contacted Lego and they had no trouble with that book with their drawings, the model is 36 year old, so, and I even did not have to pay license for it. Now is the book I made legal. But back to the model I have here. If you want to rebuild your model that you already have or buy parts and build it then all parts are available (796 parts) and I shall make a building instruction with my own drawings that is in magazine format to only some euro on Amazon. ( quotation: "Nice! looks good! What tires are you using?" ) The wheels has order number: 56908 for the rims and 45982 for the tires.
  11. I have built more. more than 480 parts so far. And I have to use a lot more parts. I wrote that it shall become bigger than the original in amount parts, so... I am soon finish with magazine 1 in building instruction. It shall be a PDF also. I make that at same time I construct it. At least 70% is my construction. I saw one thing. It needed 8 sylinders, because the size and the style. 6 sylinders wood be too little. I have constructed some of the gearbox myself also with 3-speed gearbox and new better gears. I have constructed a new suspension, a much better one. I built it manually with no special modern parts. It has fake disc brakes, and the wheels, they are not old style. Here you can see so far: See? It would be too lille with only 6 sylinders. Don't you agree? Original: And the original:
  12. Of course I can. I can make a motor drawing for you and send. But then you have to download Lego Digital designer and I need your e-mail to send the building manual. I cam make it more real with the cams on correct place and a timing band that drives them.
  13. I used two crankshafts connected to each other with 3 gears. Actually, this is two 90 degrees series engines, with cams and valves on one side connected to each other. If the cams and valves was on correct place, left and right side, then I would hide the pistons so I did not want, but... It is not realistic with open hole in to the pistons eighter, like it use to be.
  14. I do not remember tires. I lost my drawing. Now I make a new model and I make one with a very advanced motor with 8 sylinders boxer and working twincam and fake 16 valves. it is 2 fake valves on each sylinder. It also has working timing belt that shall have a rubber band. The two cams does not get the power from the rubber band but two hidden gears so I always know they will work, even without rubber band. (rubber band is not on the drawing) The red "box" is air intake. I make it new technology and make a vintage technic look. So far I have came now: