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  1. How about connecting the pull back motor output axle to a disconnected (from power supply) PF motor. It takes a lot force to turn a PF motor that is not moving. I have not tried this out myself but this idea occurred to me.
  2. Idea for a competition: We could have a contest that requires a pull back motor but you can build anything. Power functions cannot be used. Model need not be a vehicle. I'm sorry if this contest has been held already. I am not a regular to EB.
  3. Just now it looks very monochromatic! You could change the color of the platform/table to some other color. You could use bright colored pieces for the lever and pump. Otherwise !
  4. Nice idea! But why does the crane arm vibrate so much?? Is it because of the motor that is below it? The rotation of the crane is manual or pneumatic? The truck seems back heavy, if possible you could shift the battery box towards the cab so that the front and rear both lift equally.
  5. Why don't you use a motorized pump instead of the hand pump. It seems that there is quite some space to fit a motor and battery box. Just my opinion.
  6. OK I get it ! Didn't think of that before. I like the idea that everything happens with the same cylinder.
  7. Great!! Raising and lowering of the tilling blade's smoothing plates and rollers Is this function pneumatic? If yes then could you post a picture of the mechanism... What are those knob gears for then ?