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  1. Get in touch with the innovation director of the Lego Creative Play Lab, re: translations, since the instructions are Legos’. Thanks!
  2. Lego are still working on their conversion software. I don’t know if it will be publically available, but making it open source would be awesome!
  3. I’m the blind Afol that 1960maniac mentioned. If any of you are interested in creating text-based instructions for Lego sets so blind people can build them, please get in touch via Thanks!
  4. motya105

    How Lego helps blind people see

    Stillinamerica, Thanks for the post. I don't custom-build, since I don't have much time for it. Custom-building requires an engineering prowice, and a practical knowledge of what objects look like and how they work, which I simply do not have as a blind person.
  5. Hi MSX80, thank you for creating this software! Would it be possible to modify the program to output text-based instructions based on a graphical model? I'm a blind Lego fan, my sighted friend and I invented a system that lets blind people build Lego sets independently using text-based instructions, you can learn more at: Would it also be possible to use other part names than those defined by TLG/LDD? My friend and I invented custom piece names to make the building process easier for those who've had no previous experience with Lego. If the process of text-based-instruction-creation could be automated, then many more Lego sets could be made accessible to blind builders. Thank you! Matthew Shifrin
  6. motya105

    How Lego helps blind people see

    Sven F, Thanks so much for watching! We decided to not use the Lego and Bricklink parts names to make it easier for new builders, so they wouldn't have to slog through parts names to understand what we meant. We try to make the instructions short and concise, so we use a lot of abbreviations. For example, instead of saying 2x2 tile, we say flat smooth tile, and then abbreviate that to FS 2x2. I've been in touch with Lego, they're not interested in making more accessible instructions. Hopefully this video will change that! I'm also hoping to modify Lego Digital Designer so that it can give text-based instructions not only visual ones. There's no need to braille the instructions, all of them are word documents on, the blind user's computer is the one that does the braille translation. Our goal with these instructions is to give blind builders the most inclusive experience since with Lego, the devil is in the details. So , we describe Minifig prints, stickers, and adds in the backs of the manuals in vivid detail to make sure that blind builders get the most inclusive building experience. Thanks
  7. Hi Eurobricks, I am a blind Lego fan. Mhy sighted friend and I have invented a system that enables blind people to build Lego sets independently! You can see it in action at: and you can find our text-based instructions at! Thanks! If the video link does not work, you can either paste into your address bar, and remove any spaces, or type Lego For The Blind into Youtube. Thanks! Oops, I thought that the previous link wouldn't work, but it does. No need to paste anything, just click on the link to watch the video.