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  1. I want to give a reminder that there are sealed service packs still available, which will make sure you get parts in new condition. The packs 5067 and 1137 contains rims, but they're expensive nowadays, so not really an option. But they still exist, so keep your eyes open in case someone sells them for a reasonable price.
  2. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Yup, you're lucky to be able to use a whole room for your trains, my house is filled with lego basically everywhere.
  3. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Of course. The wagons for the 12V system has more friction than the 9V system, so the difference between a single locomotive and a train should be bigger than that of 9V. However as i said I'd want to test that with a plank and do a longer slope.
  4. Easiest way is to look at the motor, which have the production date on its underside.
  5. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    12V test I did a very simple and crude test with a 7760 locomotive. The end section raises by about 5 bricks per section of track. I think 7 could be possible, but I don't have enough bricks lying around. In the future I'll try to test with a plank and get a longer track. The only non-lego parts are the rubber tires, however they should be identical to lego's ones. It can go a little faster as I didn't have to turn the dial the whole way (which is why I believe steeper slopes are possible) but I didn't want to risk it falling down at the end. Of course, this is just a small train without any wagons, but it's something. Edit: assuming the slope is just a triangle with the hypotenuse of 16 studs and height of 5 bricks (6 studs), it would be a 40% gradient.
  6. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    I see, my problem lies in the lack of 12V wagons being constructed atm and the lack of space. Hopefully I can test a little during the holidays.
  7. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Good solution. I've thought about the possible "hump" than can occur when making slope before. I'll look into making simple gradient tests today for 12V. If I do any special findings I might make a new thread about it. From my own experience, the system is very strong and powerful, so it might be possible to achieve gradients higher than the one's you've managed for 9V.
  8. Edde

    Building 7777

    I went back and saw that, I remembered it as if you meant that the pieces were expensive and hard to find.
  9. Edde

    Building 7777

    Nice buildings! Me and my dad have made the train #2, the blue maintenance car and the car transport wagon+loading ramp. You said you had some troubles getting the pieces for the large steam engine, however isn't that just a combination of 7750 and 7810, meaning you should be able to get period-correct pieces fairly easy by buying a nice copy of each set.
  10. My dad's 7730 (not from his childhood) also has cones without axle holes. I don't know if it's D/F/NL or UK/F/I. However I'm guessing this question is mainly just looking for people who's childhood sets have cones with axle holes.
  11. Edde

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    It would be interesting to make a similar layout as this but with 12V, and test the possible gradients.
  12. Hello In the iconic idea book 7777 there's one diorama with a circus. The train that pairs with it happens to have a battery box car with a clown sticker on it. However, there are no such battery boxes on bricklink from what I can find. I'm assuming the sticker comes from a different set, but I don't know how to find that. Could anyone happen to know what set features the sticker? Edit: found out it's from the 6000 idea book
  13. Edde

    12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    Don't forget the doors either, they're 1x3x5. Though they could easily be substituted for standard train doors if it were to be recreated.
  14. Nice index, maybe I can help a little in a week, my dad has a nice 12v-collection. Maybe you should add a little note that you can check the week/year a certain 12v motor was produced by looking underneath it. Also, you should add an index over the boxes if you want to make it even more detailed.
  15. Edde

    Power Functions Train Motor Stops by itself

    Doesn't sound like it at all, if the reciever lose contact with the remote, the motor should keep going regardless. Provoaggie, can you film the train in action?